Jersey’s next General Election will take place on Wednesday 22 June 2022. 

It is the first General Election run under the new rules which have been agreed by the States Assembly. This means big changes for voters:

  • There are now 9 Electoral Districts instead of 12. This means that each district reflects the number of people who live there. 
  • The role of Senator (who represent the whole Island) has been removed. This means that each States Member represents a District or a Parish. 
  • There are now 37 Deputies in the States Assembly rather than 29. 
  • Islanders can vote via postal vote. This means you can still vote, even if you’re going to be off-Island on Election Day.
  • The Jersey Electoral Authority (JEA) has been created, which will oversee the running of the election. 
  • Every ballot sheet will now have a ‘none of the above’ option. This means that voters can indicate if they don’t agree with any of the candidates. 

There are also changes for people who are standing for election, including changes to how much they can spend on their election campaign, who they can accept donations from, and how long they have to declare their expenses. 

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July 2021 Update

In July 2021, the States Assembly also agreed to the following changes that will impact the 2022 elections. These include:

• Counts expenditure from 4 months before election rather than just from nomination night

• Deals with political parties’ expenditure when shared

• Deals with donations for independent candidates

• Deals with political party donations

• Extension of submission period for expenditure to four weeks

• Introduces a receipt from JEA for expenditure returns

• JEA to send a reminder to all candidates 5 days before submission deadline

• Allows for audits of expenditure by the JEA

• Failure to comply – maintains disqualification if convicted, but no offence is deemed committed if there was a ‘reasonable excuse’

How do I vote? 

To vote, you need to be over the age of 16. You also need to have lived in Jersey continuously for the last 2 years or have lived in Jersey for the last 6 months, plus another 5 years. You can register to vote online by visiting You need to register before the 5th June to be eligible to vote in 2022. 

On the day, you will need to got o your designated polling station with some photographic identification, like a driving licence or a passport. 

Staff will mark your name off on the electoral register and give you your ballot papers. You will then be able to go to the voting booth and cast your vote by putting an ‘x’ beside the name of the candidate you want to vote for. You will be asked to place your ballot papers into the ballot box. 

If you want to vote using a postal vote, you should register as usual. More information on postal voting will be available soon. 


Can I register to vote electronically?
Yes. You can register online at

Can I vote electronically?
You can’t vote electronically at the current time.  On the 22nd March 2016, the States agreed to an amended proposition from Deputy G.P. Southern of St. Helier, which asked the Privileges and Procedures Committee, together with the  Comité des Connétables, and other government bodies, to research and trial electronic voting systems to introduce a safe and secure mechanism to enable eligible voters to vote electronically. We intend to amend the Law to make electronic voting possible, but online voting gives rise to concerns about the risks of electoral fraud and how the secrecy of the ballot can be guaranteed, because people will be voting outside the supervised environment of the polling station.

An alternative option would be to introduce electronic voting within polling stations. In jurisdictions where this happens, voting machines print a paper receipt every time a vote is registered electronically so that re-counts can be conducted and the electronic count can be compared with a paper count.

A lot of work and research needs to be done before we can introduce electronic voting, to be sure that any such system processes data accurately and securely and to ensure that the voting public and candidates can be confident of the integrity of the voting process.

I am not British. Can I vote?
You can register to vote if you have lived in Jersey for two years; or if you have lived in Jersey for six months, plus a period that totals five years.

I will be 16 just before the election. Can I vote?
You can register to vote if you are 16 shortly before the election takes place. You will not however be registered until the day you turn 16 years old.

I asked for a postal vote, but now I want to vote in person
No problem. Go to your polling station on Election Day and take along all the paperwork that was sent to you by the Judicial Greffier when you planned to cast a postal vote, including the ballot paper. See one of the officials at the polling station and you will be able to use your ballot paper to vote in person.

I’ll be out of the Island on election day, what do I do?
If you aren’t going to be in Jersey on Election Day, then you can cast a postal vote or pre-poll vote instead. More information on different ways of voting will be available soon.

I’m moving house before the election. Do I need to do anything?
If your change of address is notified before the electoral register closes you will vote at your new parish or district. If the move is not until after that date (or you only notify the parish after that date) you will remain on the register of your previous address and will have to vote in that parish or district. Please note that St. Helier, St. Saviour or St. Brelade are divided up into different districts, so if you move house within these parishes please check that your local polling station is still the same.

I was not born in Jersey, I’ve only been here 2 years. Can I vote?
Yes. You can register to vote if you have lived in Jersey for two years; or if you have lived in Jersey for six months, plus a period that totals five years.

My name has been accidentally omitted from the electoral register. Can I still vote?
If you apply to pre-poll vote or to postal vote and you find that your name is not on the register, there is still something you can do. If you think there has been a mistake, you should advise the Judicial Greffier that you believe there has been an error. The Judicial Greffier may ask you for additional information to support what you have said. If the Judicial Greffier is satisfied that there has been an administrative error, your name will be added to the copy of the register and make the necessary arrangements for you to be able to vote.

If you arrive at the polling station to vote in person on on Election Day and you find that your name is not on the electoral register, you should ask to speak to a parish official.

What happens on election day?

– You will need to take photographic identification with you to the polling station in order to vote, e.g. a driving licence or passport.
– You will be greeted at the polling station by staff who will mark your name off on the electoral register and give you your ballot paper.
– You will then be able to go to the voting booth to cast your vote by putting an ‘x’ beside the name of your preferred candidate. You will be asked to place your ballot paper into the ballot box.
Parish officials will be at the polling station and will be able to help you if you have any questions.

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