The four-year term of office for all 49 current States Members ends in June 2022, and there will be some significant changes to the make-up of Jersey’s next elected Parliament, as well as how Islanders will be asked to vote.

Changes to the Law, voted in by the current States Assembly on 21 April 2021, mean that the next States Assembly will:

  1. No longer include the role of Senator (currently there are eight Senators with an Island-wide mandate).
  2. Comprise nine, newly formed, electoral districts for the election of Deputies.
  3. Include 37 Deputies (currently there are 29), who will each represent one of the nine electoral districts.

NB. The 12 Parish Constable roles remain unchanged, meaning there will still be 49 elected representatives in total.

The districts were devised by the States Assembly’s Privileges and Procedures Committee to provide a more even distribution of constituents being represented by States Members. The districts group together Parishes with lower populations and divide St Helier into three districts to reflect the size of its population. Unlike Constables, who must live in their Parish, it is not a requirement for Deputies to live within the district they represent.

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