Scrutiny Panel to Hold Public Meetings to Discuss Electoral Reform

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The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel has formed a Sub-Panel to examine the impact of proposed electoral changes, which are due to be debated and decided upon by the States on 6th June 2017.

The Sub-Panel is holding a series of public meetings, one in each of the proposed new constituencies, at the following dates and times. The Panel wishes to find out what the public thinks about the changes being proposed before the States vote on 6th June. These meetings are:

• Tuesday 16th May: St Saviour’s Parish Hall 7pm
• Wednesday 17th May: St Helier Town Hall 7pm
• Monday 22nd May: Grouville Parish Hall- 7pm
• Tuesday 23rd May: St John’s Parish Hall – 7pm
• Wednesday 24th May: St Ouen’s Parish Hall – 8pm

Super-Constituencies-MapThe proposed changes, brought forward by the Privileges and Procedures Committee, seek to create six “super-constituencies” to replace the current system for electing Deputies. Instead of each Parish electing their own Deputy or Deputies, new boundaries and the corresponding numbers of Deputies would be designated as follows:

• St Helier North – 6 Deputies
• St Helier South – 6 Deputies
• South-East District (St Clement and Grouville) – 4 Deputies
• East Central District (St Martin and St Saviour) – 4 Deputies
• North Central District (St John, St Lawrence, St Mary and Trinity) – 4 Deputies
• West District (St Brelade, St Ouen and St Peter) – 4 Deputies

Two additional amendments have been lodged by another Member that would alter the above proposed districts (and numbers) and these too are due to be debated on the 6th June.

Vice Chairman of the Sub-Panel, Deputy Kevin Lewis commented;

“The changes proposed will have a large impact on the electoral system. Whilst there has been plenty of discussion and debate surrounding electoral reform for many years, we feel that it is only right for us to speak to the public directly to understand their opinions and concerns before the States Assembly decides on a final course of action.”

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