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Manifesto Filming Guide

All candidates are invited to Morier House between Monday 16 May – Wednesday 25 May to film a 2 minute manifesto video, which will be uploaded to the website and YouTube channel. Read here

Manifesto Dialogue, Liberate Jersey

Liberate is the Channel Islands equality, diversity and inclusion charity,  and they have put together a useful document for candidates standing for election. Read the Manifesto Dialogue, which looks at issues from immigration, housing and social care, encouraging candidates to listen closely to minority voices in their campaign.

Briefing by Jersey’s Chief Statistician

A recording of the presentation delivered by Ian Cope can be found below. It covers:

  • The range of statistics that are available for Jersey, including from Statistics Jersey and elsewhere in Government, and how to find these statistics
  • Background on the Statistics Law, the independence of Statistics Jersey and the Jersey Code of Practice for Official Statistics

Presentation slides by Ian Cope, Jersey’s Chief Statistician

Recording of the briefing delivered by Ian Copy, Jersey’s Chief Statistician


It’s important to get your manifesto translated, so that it’s accessible to all Islanders. There are plenty of companies out there that can translate your content, including, although not limited to:

Tongue Tied

The Big Word

Accent Multilingual Services

Translat Limited

Logical Translations

When is nomination period?

This year, there will no longer be a nominations meeting. Instead, between 11 and 13 May,  you can submit your nomination form and declaration to the Jersey Electoral Authority, Morier House, Halkett Place, St Helier. All the candidates will be announced on 18 May 2022.

When do I submit the nomination form?

Your completed nomination form must be submitted by hand. You can hand in your form at the States Greffe Information Centre, Morier House, Halkett Place, St. Helier between Wednesday 11 May and 5pm Friday 13 May 2022.

All signatures on the nomination form must be wet ink signatures. Electronic signatures will not be acceptable.

How many proposers and seconders required?

You need to find 10 people who live in your Parish, if you are standing as a Connétable or Constituency, if you are standing as a Deputy.

You will need to plan for how you will collect the 10 signatures in support of your nomination. Those signing your form must be on the electoral register in your Parish or Constituency.

If you are standing as a candidate endorsed by a political party, you must get the section signed by two party representatives, before you get your proposer or seconders to sign the form.

How do I know my form has been processed?

You will be provided with a date and time stamped receipt.

Your form will be scanned and forwarded to the electoral administrators of the area which you wish to represent. Staff will verify your details and those of your proposer and seconders to ensure they are all eligible to support your nomination. You will be contacted should any issues arise and given the opportunity to revise your form. This will then be resubmitted to the relevant Parish. Once confirmed, you will receive email confirmation from the JEA that your nomination has been successfully verified.

When do I film my manifesto video?

All candidates standing for election are invited to Morier House between Monday 16 – Wednesday 25 May to film your 2 minute manifesto video which will be uploaded to website and YouTube channel.

During nomination period between 11 – 13 May and at the point you’ve submitted your forms, we will send you the link to book your filming time slot.

When do I officially become a candidate?

You will officially become a candidate once your nomination paper has been submitted and verified. On Wednesday 18 May an announcement will be made on detailing all of the candidates standing in the 2022 elections and this will signal the start of the official campaign period.

Once you have officially become a candidate, you are entitled to a copy of the electoral register.

What help is available to me as a candidate? offers many ways to promote your candidacy in this election. There is no charge for this and so the cost is not included in your expenses total.

  • Inclusion in district-wide manifestos booklet
  • Individual page on
  • Manifesto video
  • Hustings
What information is included in my manifesto?

We will send a manifestos booklet to every household in your Parish/Constituency before the election. This booklet will contain information about all the candidates who are standing for election in your area.

To include your information in this booklet, you must send us your manifesto (up to 500 words), contact details and a high resolution digital photograph when you submit your nomination form. You can email [email protected].

Please note that if you do not submit your information by 5pm on Friday 13 May 2022 your details will not be in the booklet. There is a 500 word limit for your manifesto and we will cut the printed text short if you exceed the word total. Upload your manifesto as a typed text document such as a Word or PDF file. We will NOT make changes to spelling, grammar and punctuation – you will need to check this. Your contact details do not count towards your 500 word limit.

Contact details

We will need your full name, email address and a contact telephone number. You can also include social media/website details if applicable. If you are a member of a political party please let us know so that we can include your party logo.


This should be a head and shoulders shot of you facing the camera. Please ensure that your photograph is in focus and well lit. Do not add any electoral messages or text to your photograph. Send your photograph as either a JPEG, GIF or PNG file (recommended size 2mb – 5mb). Please take care when submitting your information. We will e-mail you a copy of what we upload for your information.

Do I translate my manifesto?

It’s important to get your manifesto translated, so that it’s accessible to all Islanders. There are plenty of companies out there that can translate your content, including, although not limited to:

Tongue Tied

The Big Word

Accent Multilingual Services

Translat Limited

Logical Translations

Data protection for election candidates

If you are standing as a candidate you will need to access the Electoral Register (Electoral Roll) during your campaign. Copies of the Register can be provided to anyone who is standing for election once they have been nominated, but the register must only be used for election purposes. The electoral register contains people’s personal data and so its use is very carefully controlled. You will need to register with the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner (JOIC) as a data controller whilst you are an election candidate. There is no charge for this, however you must register before you can use the electoral register.

Step-by-step guidance on how to register is available on the JOIC’s website here

As a candidate for election, it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 and Data Protection Authority (Jersey) Law 2018. If you are provided with a copy of the electoral register for election purposes, you must only use it in connection with those purposes and not disclose any details that appear in the electoral register to other persons. If you have supplied a copy of the electoral register to your supporters, they must also comply with the requirements above. You must ensure that you keep the electoral register secure. Once you no longer need the register for any electoral purpose, you should securely destroy any copies supplied to you as a candidate in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s guidelines.


As part of your campaign, you’ll have the opportunity to speak at hustings. These are meetings where members of the public can ask all the candidates questions

Campaign Spending Limits

Once you have been proposed at a nomination meeting, you can begin working on your election campaign.

The campaign spending limit for both Deputies and Constables is £2,050, plus 13p per person entitled to vote in the Parish or constituency in which you’re standing for election. The number of people entitled to vote will be available from the relevant Parish(es) after you have been officially nominated.

Any prospective candidates for this year’s elections are reminded that by Law, you are required to keep track of your expenses from Tuesday, 22 February, as part of your campaign to be elected to the States Assembly.

Election Expenses Declaration

Within 4 weeks of the election, you are required to submit a written declaration of election expenses, itemising the amounts spent; whether you are elected or not by Wednesday 20 July 2022.

The JEA will send you a reminder 5 working days before the deadline. Anyone failing to submit a form by the deadline without reasonable excuse, will be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine. When you submit your form, you will be provided with a written acknowledgement of its receipt by the JEA.

The JEA may ask for further details, including invoices, to be provided so it is vital you keep copies of receipts for all your election related expenditure from 22 February 2022 onwards.


If you are elected, we need you to set aside some time during the period following your election.

During this time, the States Greffe will be running a detailed induction programme, covering all aspects of the work of a States Member.

You will be sworn in at 10.00am on Monday 27 June 2022 in the Royal Court and be expected at your first formal States meeting on Tuesday 5 July 2022.

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or call Lisa Hart, Greffier on 441021.

Election signage

Election advertising can be placed on the reverse side of existing signs as long as it is within the Infrastructure, Housing and Environment (IHE) Election Advertising Guidelines, does not cause a safety concern or obstruct any existing signage information and is not placed at junctions or roundabouts etc.


Jersey’s electoral system and deciding to stand

Jersey’s electoral system is changing for the 2022 Election. Find out what that means for you, and how you could become a States Member.

Manifestos, campaigns and hustings

Learn more about the process of writing your manifesto, managing your campaign, and taking part in hustings

Using social media confidently and effectively

Watch this video to learn what digital channels are popular, how to audit your online presence and how to build your political following.

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