is the official guide to voting and standing for election to the States Assembly – Jersey’s elected parliament.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about voting and standing for election on 22 June ’22.

Election '22: the results are in

Keep up-to-date with the Election '22 results right here on tonight to find out who your new States Members are for 2022 - 2026. Please note, this page will be updated as the votes are counted.

2022 Elected Candidates: Deputies

St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Benn, David Jersey Liberal Conservatives Not Elected 1053
Evans, Helen Reform Jersey Not Elected 1050
Farnham, Lyndon Independent Elected 1101
Gorst, Ian Independent Elected 2208
Huelin, Rowland Jersey Alliance Not Elected 1025
Moore, Kristina Independent Elected 2730
Stephenson, Lucy Independent Elected 2239

St Brelade

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Bailey, Steve Progress Party Not Elected 662
Busch, Karl Independent Not Elected 162
Corbett, James Jersey Alliance Not Elected 421
Jones, Nigel Reform Jersey Not Elected 888
Miles, Helen Independent Elected 2370
Pallett, Steve Progress Party Not Elected 1328
Renouf, Jonathan Independent Elected 1782
Scott, Moz Independent Elected 1785
Tadier, Monty Reform Jersey Elected 1503

St John, St Lawrence and Trinity

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Guida, Gregory Jersey Alliance Not Elected 1166
Howell, Andy Independent Elected 1722
Jeune, Hilary Independent Elected 2601
Le Fondré, John Alexander Nicholas Jersey Alliance Not Elected 997
Millar, Elaine Independent Elected 2241
Morel, Kirsten Independent Elected 2688
Raymond, Hugh Jersey Alliance Not Elected 421
Venturini, Mary Independent Not Elected 925

St Helier North

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Ahier, Steve Independent Elected 999
Andrews, Max Independent Elected 1136
Gardiner, Inna Independent Elected 1665
Le Hegarat, Mary Rose Independent Elected 1268
Pointon, Trevor Reform Jersey Not Elected 656
Romeril, Phil Jersey Alliance Not Elected 737
Vibert, Ted Jersey Alliance Not Elected 444

St Helier Central

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Alves, Carina Reform Jersey Elected 961
Baker, John Independent Not Elected 524
Curtis, Catherine Reform Jersey Elected 847
Feltham, Lyndsay Reform Jersey Elected 836
Kilbey, Neil Independent Not Elected 436
Southern, Geoff Reform Jersey Elected 734
Tanguy, Chris Jersey Alliance Not Elected 430
Wallman, Julie Jersey Liberal Conservatives Not Elected 358
Ward, Rob Reform Jersey Elected 937

St Helier South

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Coles, Tom Reform Jersey Elected 713
Hopkins, Chris Independent Not Elected 247
Jeune, Angela Elizabeth Jersey Liberal Conservatives Not Elected 277
Labey, Russell Independent Not Elected 591
Le Cornu, Nick Independent Not Elected 418
Luce, Jo Jersey Alliance Not Elected 220
Manning, Bernie Independent Not Elected 276
Martin, Judy Independent Not Elected 496
Mézec, Sam Reform Jersey Elected 955
Porée, Beatriz Reform Jersey Elected 679
Warr, David Independent Elected 616

St Saviour

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Binet, Tom Independent Elected 1541
Channing, Jonathan Independent Not Elected 606
Cornick, Lee Independent Not Elected 693
Doublet, Louise Independent Elected 1272
Ferey, Malcolm Ross Jersey Liberal Conservatives Elected 1320
Kovacs, Raluca Reform Jersey Elected 1032
Maçon, Jeremy Independent Not Elected 411
O’Keeffe, Mary Jersey Alliance Not Elected 590
Ozouf, Philip Independent Elected 1000
Pamplin, Kevin Independent Not Elected 567
Walton, Sophie Progress Party Not Elected 770
Webb, Suzanne Independent Not Elected 946

St Clement

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Addison, Ken Reform Jersey Not Elected 929
Ash, Lindsay Jersey Alliance Not Elected 779
Bailhache, Philip Jersey Liberal Conservatives Elected 1251
Boleat , Sir Mark Jersey Alliance Not Elected 721
Curtis, Alex Independent Elected 1485
Ward, Barbara Independent Elected 1415
Wilson, Karen Independent Elected 979

Grouville and St Martin

Candidate Name Party / Independent Elected / Not Elected Vote count
Binet, Rose Independent Elected 1481
De Faye, Guy Independent Not Elected 491
Labey, Carolyn Independent Elected 1981
Le Claire, Philip Jersey Alliance Not Elected 792
Luce, Steve Progress Party Elected 1616
Sangan, Piers Independent Not Elected 1307

2022 Elected Candidates: Connétables

St Mary: David Johnson: 400 votes in favour 

  • Mike Fennell: 317 votes
  • Total voted: 717
  • Percentage poll: 52.1%

St Ouen: Richard Honeycombe: 955 votes in favour

  • NOTC: 443 votes
  • Total voted: 1398
  • Percentage poll: 49.7%

St Peter: Richard Vibert: 1150 votes in favour 

  • NOTC: 278
  • Total voted: 1435
  • Percentage poll: 43%

St Brelade: Mike Jackson 2,333 votes in favour 

  • NOTC: 882
  • Total voted: 3215
  • Percentage Poll: 40%

St John: Andy Jehan: 1080 votes in favour

  • NOTC: 44 votes
  • Total voted: 1124
  • Percentage poll: 49.17%

St Lawrence: Deidre Mezbourian: 934 votes in favour

  • Emily Joseph: 633 votes
  • Total voted: 1572
  • Percentage poll: 42.02%

Trinity: Philip Le Sueur: 736 votes in favour 

  • NOTC: 295 votes
  • Total voted: 1031
  • Percentage poll: 52.8%

St Helier: Simon Crowcroft: 3110 votes in favour

  • Mark Le Chevalier: 2166
  • Total voted: 5461
  • Percentage poll: 32.43%

St Saviour: Kevin Lewis: 1552 votes in favour 

  • NOTC: 1142
  • Total voted: 2698
  • Percentage poll: 41.5%

St Clement: Marcus Troy 2039 votes in favour

  • NOTC: 291
  • Total voted: 2330
  • Percentage poll: 38%

Grouville: Mark Labey: 975 votes in favour

  • Sarah Howard: 903 votes
  • Total voted: 1878
  • Percentage poll: 48.5%

St Martin: Karen Shenton Stone: 1119 votes in favour

  • NOTC: 62 votes
  • Total voted: 1187
  • Percentage poll: 43.65%

VOTING: What, Who, How and Where

We are aware that some households have been delivered the wrong constituency booklet by Jersey Post. To check your constituency, simply click the button below, enter your postcode, select your address from the drop-down list and you will find your constituency, the full list of Deputies and Connétables candidates in your constituency, how many candidates you can vote for and the polling station to use on 22 June '22.

Election 2022 Polling Stations:

If you live in a constituency where there is more than one polling station, please use the constituency finder to find the polling station specific to your address.

Parish / constituency Polling station location
St Ouen
  • St Ouen’s Parish Hall
St Mary
  • St Mary’s Parish Hall
St Peter
  • St Peter’s Parish Hall
St Brelade
  • St Brelade’s Parish Hall
  • Communicare Centre

*Please use the polling station you used in the 2018 election. Your polling station has not changed.

St John
  • St John’s Parish Hall
St Lawrence
  • St Lawrence Parish Hall
  • Trinity Youth Club
St Helier North
  • First Tower School
  • Jersey Badminton Association
St Helier Central
  • Springfield Stadium Sports Centre
  • Rouge Bouillon School
St Helier South
  • St Helier Town Hall
St Saviour
  • Georgetown Methodist Church Hall
  • St Saviour’s Parish Hall
  • Maufant Youth Centre

*Please use the polling station you used in the 2018 election. Your polling station has not changed.

St Clement
  • St Clement’s Parish Hall
  • Grouville Parish Hall
St Martin
  • St Martin’s Public Hall

Return of postal votes:

If you are in receipt of a Postal Vote ballot, the sooner you are able to return the ballot to the Judicial Greffe, the smoother the voting process will be for those administering the votes. The information around Postal Voting encourages you to return your Postal Votes by the 17 June 2022 for that very reason. However, the most important point is that your votes are received and counted.

All Postal Votes received at the Judicial Greffe by no later than 12 noon on the 22 June 2022 will be passed on to the Returning Officer at your allocated Polling Station and included in the count.

If you have received a postal vote and will not be able to return it in the post to the Judicial Greffe by noon on the 22 June 2022, you can take your Ballot paper to your allocated Polling Station on polling day. You will need to tell the officers at the Polling Station that you are a postal vote candidate and, if the Returning Officer is satisfied that it is appropriate, we will be allowed to vote using your postal Ballot paper.

How to vote

Election Day is just around the corner. Whether you're voting by post, at pre-poll or on Election Day, please head to our 'how to vote' page for all the information you need to be able to cast your vote on 22 June '22.

Latest News

Jersey’s next Election will take place on Wednesday 22 June 2022.

All of the 9 constituencies are listed below and include everything you need to be able to vote.

Each constituency page includes:

  • The number of representatives in your constituency
  • The constituency finder, which includes what, who, how and where you can vote
  • The list of polling station(s) in your constituency
  • The candidate manifesto booklet for your constituency

Election '22 Timeline

  • All Election ’22 candidates announced on and to the media

    18 May

  • Registration for Postal Voting closes

    1 June

  • Booklets to all households with details of the candidates in their district

    Early June

  • Pre-poll open at St Paul’s Centre, St Helier

    13 – 17 June

  • Deadline to register for the supplementary register

    15 June at 12.00pm (noon)

  • The completed ballot papers and other documentation must be returned to the Judicial Greffe in order for the vote to be included in the count

    17 June at 12.00pm (noon)

  • Hustings


  • Election Day

    22 June

  • Successful candidates are sworn in at the Royal Court

    27 June

  • Nominations close for Chief Minister

    27 June at 5.00pm

  • Ceremonial meeting of the States Assembly in relation to the departure of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor

    30 June

  • States Assembly for the selection of Chief Minister

    5 July

  • Ministerial nominations tabled by the Chief Minister designate and election of Scrutiny Chairs

    11 – 12 July

  • States Assembly election for Members of Scrutiny Panels and Committees take place

    19 – 21 July

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