Who can vote

To be eligible to vote, you need to be over the age of 16 and have lived in Jersey for two years; or to have lived in Jersey for six months, plus a period that totals five years.

Registering to vote

You need to register in advance of elections in order to be on the main electoral register. There are three ways you can register:

  • online – click here
  • by returning the printed form sent to your home each year by your Parish Hall
  • by visiting your Parish Hall in person

How to vote

There are 3 main methods of voting in Jersey elections:

  • At a polling station on the day of the election
  • By postal vote
  • At the ‘pre-poll’ station the week before election day

If you are sick or unwell on election day you should contact your Parish Hall. Parishes may arrange for votes to be taken at your home.

When to vote:

The next elections for States Assembly will take place in 2026. The exact date is yet to be decided.

The previous election took place on Wednesday 22 June 2022.

On election day, polling stations are typically open from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Pre-poll voting is held the week before the main election day.

Postal votes need to be returned by midday on election day. The process and deadline date for applications to vote by post will be advertised by Vote.je in advance of the next election.

Where to vote – polling stations:

Polling stations are available across the Island, with Parish halls usually operating as polling stations. Larger constituencies may have additional polling stations at community centres and other venues. Vote.je publishes a list of all voting locations ahead of elections.

In the last election in 2022, voters had to use their specified polling station. Any changes to this system will be confirmed on Vote.je ahead of the next election.