Standing for Election

Are You Thinking about Standing for Election in Jersey?

The 2026 elections might seem a long way off but it’s a good idea to start planning now if you’re thinking about standing for election to the States Assembly. Make the most of the time in the lead up to 2026 to work out your campaign plan and sign up to the newsletter for guidance and resources for prospective candidates.

Why Stand for Election in Jersey?

Whether you want to stand as a Deputy or a Constable (Connétable) you will be working on behalf of your Island and all of those who live in Jersey, including future generations. This is a rewarding and challenging job like no other because you can make positive change, improve the lives of Islanders, and stand up for all sections of our society.

What you do and say, and how you vote in the States Assembly can have a direct impact on the new laws and regulations that govern all of us. You can highlight issues that you and those you represent feel are not receiving the attention they deserve. You will play a part in ensuring our society and economy are fit for purpose today and into the future. You will also be representing those in the Parish or constituency that you are standing in.

Am I Eligible to Stand?

Candidates for Deputy must be:

At least 18 years old and are a British citizen who has been resident in Jersey: (a) for at least two years up to and including the day of the election, or (b) for six months up to and including the day of the election, as well as a total period of five years previously.

Candidates for Constable must be:

At least 18 years old and are a British citizen who has been resident in Jersey: (a) for at least two years up to and including the day of the election, or (b) for six months up to and including the day of the election, as well as a total period of five years previously. Constable candidates also need to live in the Parish they wish to represent.

Applying for British Citizenship:

You must be a British citizen to be able to stand for election to the States Assembly. If you plan to stand for election in 2026 and you do not currently have British citizenship, you will need to follow the application process explained on the Government of Jersey website: Applying to become a British citizen.

It is important to note that it can take up to 12 months for citizenship applications to be processed, so it is advisable to start your application as soon as possible if you want to be eligible to stand for election in time for 2026.

But do I have what it takes?

A democracy like Jersey needs politicians from all walks of life – an Assembly that is representative of the full breadth of the Island’s population. The public want to see people who are like them and understand their challenges and aspirations.

Think about how your life experiences and your perspective could represent people who may not have previously had a voice.  The States Assembly and Scrutiny benefits from a range of views – including yours. Just because you don’t feel there’s anyone in the Assembly right now who looks or seems to be like you, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stand for election.

As an elected representative, there is a lot more to the role than just turning up to States debates. Read our guide on What a States Member Does.

Is it Right for Me?

There is currently a diverse range of States Members, from women with young families to small business owners, individuals with caring responsibilities, and retired professionals. The role can be flexible, with States Meetings planned well in advance which means it can be possible to balance your existing commitments with the work of the States.

You will receive a salary, and while you can maintain outside interests, it’s important that these are declared so there’s no conflict of interest. More information on this will be provided closer to the election.

Pay and Benefits

The remuneration and benefits offered to States Members were reviewed in 2023 by an independent reviewer. They determined that the role was full-time and difficult to combine with other significant professional commitments. These were the findings:

  • All States Members should receive a salary of £53,875, regardless of role
  • The employer contribution towards a States Member’s pension should be aligned with other public servants at 16%
  • A loss of office payment should be made for those who have served and stand for election again, but are unsuccessful, similar to a notice period. From 2026, existing States Members who do not get re-elected will receive a month’s salary per year of service, up to maximum of four years, on top of their final month’s pay after the elections.

Other job?

If you are working as an employee of the States of Jersey, you will need to leave that job once you have confirmed your candidacy. The nature of the role also means that you would be unable to manage a full-time role elsewhere while also being a Deputy or Constable. This is also not a 9 to 5 job, but members do manage their diaries in order to ensure they can spend time with family and friends.

Public figure

Election candidates and elected States Members are public figures and so that will necessarily come with additional pressures. There are ways to mitigate that pressure. You will get support from the States Greffe, along with training, in order to carry out your role effectively while in the public eye. You will not be taking on this new challenge alone.

You can also start to get involved NOW by:

Watching States meetings online, or in-person in the public gallery

Keeping up with the news to understand the issues that current Members are dealing with.

Reading the Propositions and familiarising yourself with the work of Scrutiny

Taking a look at what the current Members are doing and saying by following them on social media

Get in touch with a Member who you admire to ask them for their advice in standing.

Start thinking about your political priorities and why you want to stand, so that you can articulate this to prospective voters. Are you going to stand as an independent candidate, or do you feel your views align with one of the political parties?

If you are interested in joining one of the existing political parties, get in touch with them now:

Reform Jersey

Jersey Liberal Conservatives

Or, if you want to start your own political party, we have a guide on how to get started.

You can view a virtual tour or go on a public tour of the States building to familiarise yourself with the historic Chamber.

As we get closer to the election in 2026, we will provide further information about what is involved in campaigning and how you can be nominated as a candidate.