I am 65, married, with 2 children and 3 grandchildren

Education: Cleveland Grammar School, A levels in English(A), French(A), German(B)
Lancaster University, BA(2.1) in English (with French and Philosophy)
MA Linguistics

Career: During a 38 year teaching career I taught all ages and abilities, before teaching English Language and Literature at Hautlieu for 20 years, 10 of these as Head of the English Department. I am a senior examiner of A level Literature

I have been president of the NUT for 8 years. I continue to serve on the committee as a case worker. I have trained as a case worker and negotiator.

I was a founder member of the Board of Visitors for looked after children.

Interests: tennis, morris dancing, theatre, discussing literature, politics and philosophy.


I believe that the economy is a key issue in this election and support Reform Jersey’s vision for a fairer society.

Living wage

The minimum wage of £6.63 is not a living wage. Low paid workers usually need to claim income support and need supplementation for social security contributions. In this case the taxpayer is subsidising employers. We support a rise in the minimum wage, and will bring forward a proposal for the voluntary introduction of the living wage.

Zero-hours contracts

There are many full-time jobs where employers issue zero-hours contracts to avoid their obligations.  Under these contracts, employees do not have proper employment protection or secure incomes. I support the ending of inappropriate zero-hours contracts.


Candidates cannot claim that they will not raise taxes without slashing public services. Efficiency savings alone will not balance the budget. We will oppose any further rises to GST. Taxes should be progressive and the burden should fall on those most able to pay. Income tax is the only fair tax. We propose a higher rate of tax for those on high incomes, and an increase in the contribution from wealthy residents.


We have a good Education service. The expertise and welfare of our highly trained teaching force should be at the heart of Education policy. For example, the inclusion policy prevents pupils with problems from being marginalised, but makes classroom control more difficult. I would support the adjustment of schools’ funding to follow best UK practice.


Maintaining a healthy population is vital, but many cannot afford GP visits, creating further long-term problems. We propose that the social security cap should be raised to make GP visits affordable for all.

Dentistry is unaffordable for many. We support restoring the funding levels of the Dental Fitness Scheme to promote the dental health of young people, saving money in the long term. The low paid must receive appropriate support.

Population and housing

We must limit population growth to protect our green spaces, alleviate the pressure on our infrastructure and combat the housing crisis.

I am a skilled communicator, and with the support of Reform Jersey I can make a difference.

For further detail on the above policies, please see my page on reformjersey.je