Who am I?

Born in Angola and brought up in Portugal, I made Jersey my home when I moved here just over 25 years ago. I am married to a Jersey man and together we have raised our 3 children, who have enjoyed living and being educated in St. Brelade.

I was educated to GCSE level in Portugal. Most recently I have studied A’ levels followed by a Social Sciences Degree at Highlands College.

I started my career in Jersey in the Tourism industry. Together with my husband we have run two businesses in St. Brelade. I also have been privileged to use my natural vocation as a carer at St. Saviour’s Hospital and presently my work is focused on supporting vulnerable women and children.


I want to represent ordinary people like myself to make sure that their needs are met and their voices are heard. My involvement with Reform Jersey is based on the mutual sharing of a vision for a fairer and more inclusive society.


Below inflation pay awards, zero-hours contracts, rent increases in social housing and GST are all factors which have left families and older people struggling to cover the already high cost of living. I will:

• support moves to remove GST from food and other essentials. If taxes need to be raised to balance the books, these should be progressive and fall on those who are most able to pay.

• vote to maintain and improve the vital public services on which all depend. In a fair and decent society all should benefit from a good education and health service.

• work tirelessly to reduce poverty, finding it unacceptable that in a society with so many wealthy residents there are those who are forced to rely on food banks.

• support the introduction of at least 6 months maternity leave paid from Social Security contributions. In a society that depends on women as a significant proportion of the workforce, this is long overdue.


I believe that the future of Jersey will depend on how we educate and prepare the next generation for future employment. I will support further development of Quennevais School to offer up- to- date resources and facilities. I will also vote for budget allocation to further education to expand the range of quality vocational courses and degrees to allow young people to stay in the Island.

Population growth and development:

Limiting population growth in the Island is an issue that concerns most residents of St. Brelade. We have seen how the current rate of inward migration puts pressure on further development of green spaces. Over-development and the consequent increase of traffic leaves many residents with growing concerns for their quality of life. We must set tighter targets for inward migration and stick to them.

I am a member of Reform Jersey because I believe that by working together as a party, we can achieve more to make Jersey a fair society, with government policies based on social and economic justice.