My priorities remain developing a strong, diverse economy, promoting inward investment, while encouraging small businesses and innovation.


As an assistant minister on Economic Development I am responsible for overseeing Agriculture and Fisheries. With immense struggle, I secured funding to help our fishermen after last winter’s storms because I believe in their worth and value to our island. But my goodness, I had to fight hard to make others share that opinion. The fight continues for our fishermen and I want to be part of it, as their historical fishing rights in Guernsey waters are now in jeopardy.

The dairy industry is moving into new and exciting export markets. Together these industries deliver quality products, provide diversification, support tourism, maintain 60% of Jersey’s landscape, encourage inward investment and enhance our quality of life.

Our traditional industries deserve to be much higher up on Ministers agendas.

Investing in People

Our future economic success depends on an educated and skilled workforce. Education must meet this challenge. People, of all ages, must be given opportunities to re-train throughout their working lives. Training and developing islanders directly assists controlling population growth.


The population debate cannot be put off any longer. The Council of Ministers has ducked this issue for too long.  A sustainable, skilled population is vital for Jersey’s future.


Providing affordable housing is a huge challenge. Homes provide access to services and create communities. Developments must include adequate amenity space, so communities develop with pride.


Re-organisation of our healthcare is urgently required. Long waiting lists are an outrage. I supported the Long-Term Care policy, which no longer requires people to sell their family homes in order to access healthcare.

We also have a personal responsibility to keep ourselves active. I initiated the Eastern Cycle Network to encourage cycling and I want to see it extended into town.


Reform of our Public Sector is essential in order to maintain low taxation. A system to serve the people – not the other way round. I successfully amended the budget to introduce a fair balance of taxation between foreign and locally owned companies.


I am passionate about Jersey’s Heritage and Culture. I brought forward the Island’s first Cultural Strategy and introduced the Citizenship Programme in schools.

I have a proven track record in protecting our countryside; fighting to keep our built environment appropriate to its surroundings.


I balance an active role in the States with a real commitment to my Parish where my family roots run deep.  I have a genuine interest in the day-to-day needs of my constituents; I founded the Grouville Gazette and, together with the Connétable, established the Community Support Group to assist people in the parish.

I also serve as a Commissioner of the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission.

We need a strong more inclusive government, which values all elected representatives.

If re-elected, I will continue to work hard as Deputy of Grouville and for Jersey, to ensure our future and our children’s future, is a good one.