I am a solicitor with over 40 years experience in a career which has included serving as a director and trustee. These appointments have provided me with the ability to listen and consider views of all parties and to make independent and impartial decisions for the benefit of those I serve.

If elected, I will commit myself full-time to the position of Deputy and I set out below certain of the issues on which I would then focus.

THE PARISH: The dominant issue of road traffic and speed limits within the Parish has now been addressed with various measures having already been put in place. As your Deputy, I would seek your views as to the effect of the present measures and whether any changes were appropriate.

THE ENVIRONMENT: The percentage of St.Mary’s land falling within the category of ‘Built Environment’ is the least of all the parishes. I am committed to maintaining this position by opposing development on green field sites and  protecting our countryside and coastline.

PROPERTY TAX REVIEW: A Green Paper has been published on Jersey’s Property Tax System. One matter addressed is possible amendment to the present rates system and, if elected, I would then expect to be involved at Parish level so as to better represent your views in the States.

STATES EXPENDITURE: I have reviewed a number of Reports of the Comptroller & Auditor General in the context of seeking to identify where savings can be made in States expenditure. I am determined that, where ongoing shortcomings are shown, these should be more fully addressed so as to achieve savings.

FINANCE INDUSTRY: The finance sector continues to be the bedrock of the Island’s economy, employing over 12,000 people and generating over 40% of our economic activity. It is imperative that States Members understand its ongoing concerns and requirements so as to maintain the island’s position. I consider my own background makes me ideally placed to take an active role in this area; equally, I appreciate the dangers of placing reliance on one sector and of the need to promote other industries.

AGRICULTURE: Agricultural land occupies approximately 57% of the island’s area and the industry remains an integral part of our way of life. The main crop in terms of monetary value is potatoes and, with the two main producers now being owned by non-Jersey companies, it remains to be seen whether this absence of local control has adverse consequences.

TOURISM: The number of ‘staying leisure visitors’ appears to be on the decrease and measures need to be introduced to reverse this trend. Provision of more ‘all weather’ facilities (and the use of Fort Regent in this connection) needs to be considered together with greater efforts to attract ‘Sports Tourism.’‘

It is not possible in this brief manifesto to cover my views on every subject that might come before the States but, if you care to contact me, I shall be delighted to discuss other issues.