I feel that it is my duty to stand for the post of Senator for many reasons, not least because I believe that Jersey should become more democratic but also because Jersey has very important global messages to broadcast.

I have experience and skills in management, research science and as an accountant.

My policies are as follows:

Jersey needs a healthy , robust, vibrant and forward thinking Finance Sector in order to prosper. We need to promote ourselves as a centre of global excellence for Finance.

It is equally important that Jersey must also advertise the fact that it is well regulated and has a strong sophisticated legal machinery backed up with enormous experience in anti-money laundering.

The island financial professionals can now dismantle complex finance structures which bear no purpose other than to disguise money laundering activity.

Furthermore the Jersey courts are well equipped to recover stolen assets from poor third world countries and return them back to their rightful owners.

I fundamentally believe;

  1. that nobody should obtain a position in the States unchallenged.
  2. that the number of States members sitting in the main States Chamber should be reduced.
  3. that there should be a separation of the Constables from the rest of the States Members and that their pay structures should reflect this change
  4. that the role of minister of ‘Planning and the Environment’ should be separated into two because currently their roles conflict.
  5. that the States should form a new ministerial post of ‘Energy Minister’ who should have the knowledge and wisdom to take us forward and guide us in how we should most responsibly place our energy sector investments in the future. Green house gas CO2 levels have now reached 400 ppm, up from around 280 ppm in 1800. Jersey has an ethical urgent duty to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in the future.
  6. that the States should use modern technology to the best of our advantage in order to achieve cost savings. We are now capable of live proactive inter-island government discussions on other important issues such as law drafting, tax, health and major capital energy projects.
  7. that Jersey is overpopulated and hence resources for land and personal space are at a premium. The Global population when I was born stood at 2.5 billion people.  Today it stands at 7 billion and like Jersey’s is still rising.
  8. that Jersey, with all its idiosyncrasies, has the message to give on best practice in family planning;


If one can think that the replacement level for population is around 2.1 in the western world and we have fertility rate of 1.57 then we should be proud of the fact that we have attained such a low level. Jersey should announce to the world the fact that it encourages smaller family sizes not only for the rich but also for the less well off.

How do you persuade people in a democracy to have smaller family sizes?

  1. Stop@two-children.com
  2. ForGoodnessSakeStop@three-children.com
  3. AbsolutelyStop@four-children.com