My name is Debbie Hardisty. I am standing for election as a Reform Jersey candidate because I am in agreement with the Party’s vision and values for social and economic justice.

I currently work for the Channel Islands Cooperative Society at Grande Marche, St Peter and am an active, vocal member of the society’s Focus Group.  Working in the Coop has provided me with the opportunity to talk with people, to get to know how they feel and what they want from our government.

If privileged enough to be elected as Deputy of St Peter, I will seek to fully understand your needs in order to best represent your interests in the States Assembly and elsewhere. My door will always be open.

I am particularly keen to assist those on low and fixed incomes, both young and old.

I will promote the provision of stable, sustainable job opportunities vital for our young people who are becoming more and more disillusioned, which in turn will help our elderly residents who are increasing in numbers.

I will fight to preserve our green/agricultural areas and will forcibly oppose any inappropriate building developments.

I will work with our Constable with view to providing a decent playground within the parish for our young children, a skateboarding area for our teenagers and a beautiful floral garden for our elderly to relax in.

I am determined to work toward maintaining and improving the community spirit we rightly enjoy within our parish.

For the island as a whole, I will support any proposition to:

  • End zero-hour contracts except where they are essential.  Many employers issue zero-hour contracts to avoid facing up to their responsibilities, which in turn means that the employee is left without a secure income and decent employment protection. This poor practice has to stop.
  • Stop any rise in GST and I will actively campaign and vote for the removal of GST on essential foods, domestic fuels and all other essential items.  GST is a regressive tax which causes hardship for senior citizens and low income families.
  • Install a progressive taxation system whereby the tax burden falls on those most able to pay their fair share rather than falling upon those on low/middle incomes and whom are already being squeezed to the limit.
  • Re-introduce free milk for pre-school and primary school pupils.  Free milk should never have been stopped.  I feel very strongly about this because we have many families having to rely on food-banks and who struggle to buy a litre of milk.  Milk is not a luxury and yet some are having to treat it as such.
  • Improve the prompt assessment and provision of help for those with mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse.  The waiting time for assessment must be reduced and there is a great need for a detox centre in Jersey.
  • Ensure that the people of Jersey are understood and that the voice of the people is heard, which in turn means better human rights and fair justice for all.