I am married to Sandra and we have a 12 year old daughter. As a chartered accountant with experience in both local and international finance, I am also a trustee of Les Amis, a member of Durrell, Jersey Heritage and Family Nursing and Home Care. Sandra and I are former foster carers and, at that time, I was honorary secretary of the Jersey Foster Carers Association.

During my time in the States, I have served as Assistant Minister in both Treasury and Health, having responsibility for Jersey Property Holdings (JPH) and the Fort Regent Steering Group.  I sit on a number of Ministerial oversight groups and am a member of the States Employment Board and the Treasury Advisory Panel (which is responsible for the States Investments).

In serving both the Parish and the Islands best long term interests, I have demonstrated effective and balanced judgement. Having a “can do” attitude, I am committed to working hard and continue to make a positive contribution.

Naturally, public expenditure must be adequately controlled, value for money achieved and, when necessary, support for the economy provided. Over the economic cycle, balanced budgets and strong public finances should prevail, our reserves replenished, leaving us with a robust balance sheet.

A strong economy means we continue to create local jobs, which in turn provide the taxes that pay for public services we all need and use.

Government needs to be modernised; we need a flexible and efficient public sector which can react quickly to an ever changing world. E government will drive efficiencies such as “tell us once”; ie if someone moves address they only have to advise one States department, other departments automatically receiving the updated information.

Failing to invest in our infrastructure at the right time makes it more expensive in the long run. Delaying capital infrastructure expenditure would result in us all having to pay more. This would be especially true with the new hospital. Delay passes the buck to the next generation which is both morally wrong and financially imprudent.

My time at JPH has shown me that JPH and TTS interact on many projects and that efficiencies can be realised if these two departments are merged into one.

Like everywhere else in the western world, our ageing population and the reduction in the ratio of those working vs retired means that we will need to take action to continue to provide the level of public services that we currently all enjoy. This will require targeted immigration and appropriate strong controls to support a growing economy.

We need to equip Islanders with the skills necessary for the future. Our education system must encourage our youth to embrace change and to seek out opportunities.

Through my chairmanship of our Battle of Flowers Association, I have nurtured a culture of “Community Spirit & Friendship” which I believe can be applied throughout our Island.