This is the most important election for decades.
We must have an Assembly prepared to work together for the good of us all.

More action less talk.

I am 60 years old.  I was educated at Victoria College, live in Havre des Pas and have worked in the island since returning from college in 1976. I have three grown children.
I am a planner, thinker, decision maker, experienced local businessman and believer in common sense.
I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.
There are very serious economic and social issues facing the Island. It is time for clear thinking, clear planning and action. We need to drive this on quickly.
We are now in a position that the States are going to have to ‘do more with less’.
I intend to be a representative that is open, approachable, hardworking and responsible.


The Finance industry, as the biggest contributor to the Islands economy must be supported and encouraged as at present.

Keep GST at its lowest possible level, increased revenue for the Treasury must come from the business sector primarily.

Tourism and agriculture are still a vital part of Island economics and life.


Support local businesses and start-ups, more than we currently do, improving permanent employment opportunities, thereby lessening zero hour contracts.

As improvements occur, to more actively promote recruitment of Islanders first.


To build on our already good education system, but to recognise those future skills we will need through increasing the role of Highlands for vocational and university standard courses. We must try to give our children a future and reason to stay in the Island.


Affordable housing, rental or purchase, is a major priority. Working with Housing Trusts to increase stocks is essential as is the building of new homes for the States themselves. We must also protect our green zones for future generations.


The debate goes on but there is still not a consensus. This must be addressed with some urgency as the credibility of the assembly to reform itself is being openly questioned.

The modernisation of States departments and the civil service is underway but this will be a medium term project and not short term because of the very complexity of the States itself.


Maintaining and improving our health care system and social security programmes are essential as is the people’s accessibility to them.

The economic issues within the Island have largely been the influence of external international factors, resulting in the loss of income to the Island and thus raising unemployment and other social pressures. There are difficult times ahead for us all but the Island has a good basis for the future. Issues and ideas must be addressed more quickly than at present to ensure we take advantage of every opportunity, large or small, to increase employment and our islands prosperity.