I am 55, married to Julia for 33 years with two grown up children.  I was educated at La Moye, Les Quennevais and Hautlieu Schools. For 23 years I have run my own  successful computer business,  now managed by my son. Previously I worked at Channel Promotions, a former subsidiary of Channel Television, and held the positions of Sales Manager, General Manager and Managing Director. I have lived in St Brelade for over 36 years.

I am disenchanted by our government, annoyed by the wasteful spending and squandering of tax revenue – your money, my money. Concerned for the future, the prospects for our school leavers and for the pensioners in these hard economic times.

I feel let down to the point that I want to do something about it.

Parish Issues

Our parish is unique – I will do everything I can to ensure it stays that way. I am dedicated, ready to use my skills to help parishioners solve their problems however big or small.


We do need to build a new hospital or re-develop the existing one whichever is most cost effective. The proposed two locations was a nonsense. Waiting lists need to be reduced and test results speeded up. We should strive to provide a health service second to none.


We need to provide more targeted vocational education to prepare school leavers for locally available jobs.


I would like to take part in driving and diversifying our economy, in particular helping revive tourism, and also take part in developing the new digital economy. I would robustly defend, promote and support our vitally important well regulated Financial Services Industry. Agriculture has great potential. Let’s get behind our young farmers, professionally merchandise and market new Genuine Jersey products. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need to be nurtured and encouraged.

A healthy economy is vital to provide the revenue to support public services. Linked with a Work Permit based immigration policy, a growing economy will also provide job security for locals and a future to embrace with confidence.


If elected I will resist any further increases in GST. Any tax increases would only exacerbate hardship and further shrink the economy.


Immigration has been encouraged and in my opinion not managed with proper consideration or the forethought it deserved. We needed to stem the flow of immigrants and I welcomed the stop gap measure introduced.

We need a permanent solution. Cap the population. Introduce job and time specific work permits and ensure locally qualified people are employed wherever possible. Let’s sort this out with some decisive and positive action.


We need transparent government. Accountable politicians that listen to public opinion. We need an effective government that adopts prudence and true Jersey values. We need a more effective Government with fewer Members!

Putting people first, adopting the hardworking, common sense approach – I will get the job done.

Please consider voting for me on Wednesday 15th October. Thank you.

See www.grahamtruscott.com for more information.