Born in Jersey, Jane is the youngest of four children.

After her secondary education Jane won a place to study Architecture at Canterbury. On qualifying she commenced working as an architect locally. A thirst for pursuing her own practice commenced with doing weekend projects on people’s house extensions. Ultimately 3 years after qualifying she set up her own practice in 1996 and was then invited to sit on the Association of Jersey Architect’s council in 1998 soon becoming Junior Vice President for 3 further terms sporadically around having a family.

Jane became specialist with house projects and every aspect to the home, working closely with her clients listening to their needs then coming up with desired solutions. It is this aspect in particular she would like to bring to a political position as Deputy in being able to listen and act. More recently Jane has been involved with site regeneration with a strong interest in the regeneration of buildings.

In addition to this work Jane began to focus on ‘what Jo Public wants’ with larger community projects. She has sat on some 3 panels of local pressure groups and spearheaded and ran successfully the Odeon campaign listing.

Jane has lived and worked in the District of St.Brelades No.2 district for 21 years. She is a family person combining professional life around family life.

Manifesto points

Diversification of Industries –

We must look carefully at the future of our industries, their vulnerability and the knock on. Diversify & provide opportunity. Our Island needs future stability and our children need opportunities for graduates and those that do not get away to University. What does the future hold we must ask?

Arts & Culture – as a form of tourism, celebrate our unique island culture & with the growing numbers of festivals we are seeing each year.

Immigration –

I believe our Island is at a critical time in its history. There is huge pressure to meet the economic demands. With this pressure to allow people into the Island and i strongly believe this is not a sound nor sustainable long-term proposition.

Economic costs –

The ‘unchecked’ dramatic increase in the cost of provision/foods. We have the most expensive UK supermarkets. We have one of the most expensive housing markets in Europe. Do we now provide for a cross section of the Community or do a large section of the Community struggle with the high costs?

Impact on small businesses –

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy we are told. The very high costs of the island make it all the more difficult for small businesses to operate.

Control of Development –

Pressure to provide for the increased population puts fundamental pressure on how the Island develops. To maintain a good quality of life for us and future generations we have to preserve our countryside & green spaces. And look firmly at solutions for making the most of our existing housing stock.