I have enjoyed my first year serving the Parish. I have carried out my manifesto pledges by doing the following:

  • Maintaining the Parish rate level;
  • Opposing the size and scale of developments such as the Gorey Catholic Church and Keppel tower;
  • Successfully taken a proposition to the States to improve Grouville School parking;
  • Giving my full support to the Honorary Police, (their numbers are increasing);
  • I have helped Deputy Labey set up the Grouville Community support Group.


I will continue to work tirelessly to meet these pledges. I also maintain my desire to provide affordable homes on a non-green field site for first time buyers.

States Work

I have taken an active part in the States and sit on the Economic Development Scrutiny panel. I have contributed to a number of consultations and reports including the Incorporation of the Ports of Jersey, Retail Strategy, Aircraft Registry and Innovation Fund. It is essential that all States Members including the Connetables play their full role in the States and I will seek to take on responsibilities.

Referendum Position

Having served as a Connetable for nearly a year I am even more convinced that they should remain in the States. I regularly take up issues that arise in the Parish that have either been brought to my attention by Parishioners or that arise through the Parish administration. These are more often than not sorted by the various departments that I approach and this is because as a Connetable I have direct political influence. I am in regular contact with Ministers and officers from the various departments. The Connetables do and should work hard in the States and in my view they are the sensible, stabilising influence in the Chamber.

Population and Migration

I voted for the interim Population Policy but I am not entirely happy with it. We need to decide how many people we need to come to the Island so as to stimulate the economy and then stick to a figure. The current  figure has been plucked out of the air and I do not think there is any real commitment from the council of Ministers to adhere to it.

Public Administration

Government spending is still not under proper control. We need departments to become more efficient. I was shocked to discover that Jersey’s administration last October only carried out 7% of its business online. This is very disappointing. There is now a target to increase this figure to 75%. This must be a priority. Significant savings can be made both for Government and those doing business with them.

Our Education and Health Departments need adequate funding. I am particularly pleased that special emphasis is being placed on IT education both in Schools and through Digital Jersey and funds are being made available to improve school Sports facilities. Grouville School will get some of these funds and a new netball and 3G pitch will be developed on the Land that has been secured as part of my school parking initiative.