We face a structural deficit in our finances, the growing needs of our health service and overdue public sector reform. We need Senators elected as Ministers who have the experience to face these problems and the ability to restore public trust and confidence in our government. If elected as Senator I will take up this challenge

About me 

I have lived in Jersey for 35 years. I am 68, married, with a family of four grown up children and three grandchildren. I am a qualified accountant, have an OU Degree and Compliance and Management post graduate qualifications.

From 1991 until 2004 I was Chief Officer of Planning and Environment, previously twelve years in our Health Service and our States Treasury. I then became a self-employed consultant, a trust company accountant for two years and five years as Practice Director of a law firm.

My Record 

Since elected as Deputy in 2011, my States roles have included PPC, access to justice and chairman of the Environment Scrutiny Panel.

I have taken up many individual grievances representing people before Ministers, the States Complaints Board and assisted their planning cases before the panel and Royal Court.

I gained States approval to my private members propositions:

  • planning appeals system
  • planning law improvements
  • Island plan policies
  • protection of St Brelades Bay
  • protection of the Coastal National Park
  • tax relief for charitable donations
  • survivor’s pensions for 55 year olds
  • historic Piquet House


My Policies 


  • expand cultural, heritage and environmental tourism
  • reduce regulation
  • less reliance on imported labour
  • improving  our local skill base
  • encourage utility scale renewable energy
  • diversification of our economy
  • encourage innovation , a tech / creative sector
  • sustainable agriculture
  • support our finance industry



  • GST exemptions for food and essential services
  • access to justice reforms
  • independent personal taxation
  • review of our personal tax system
  • emphasis on vocational skills in education
  • States ombudsman to investigate injustice
  • Improving primary health care
  • Review the two site option for the hospital and alternatives


We must address the division between the haves and the have not’s.

We must maintain Jersey’s independent character. Our community services and voluntary sector should be supported to the maximum extent our resources allow.



  • Sustainable population – limit growth
  • Protect our coast and countryside.
  • Urban regeneration
  • improved traffic management
  • improved public transport
  • renewable energy


St Helier needs to regeneration programme so it becomes a place where people want to live.


  • improvements to our ministerial system
  • joined up government
  • rebalancing the power between Ministers, elected members and the community
  • reform of the public sector
  • protecting front line services
  • reducing layers of administration


The growth in public spending is no longer sustainable. A fresh approach is urgently required.

We need to repeal collective responsibility, have a more inclusive government with greater openness and transparency, more checks and balances.