• I am at present working on safer routes to school scheme.
• I will work for greater pedestrian safety and control speeding.
•I have arranged the removal of toxic ash from jersey to UK for treatment and disposal.
• I will strive to maintain our health and social services and make sure pensions are protected.

Immigration / Regulations and Undertakings

I believe that we must assist growing business by applying a system that governs.
This means the provision of social housing and affordable properties for first time buyers.


I fully support policies which encourage growth in the finance industry, in order to protect the tax revenues from the industry that can be used for the benefit of all of us.


We must reinvest in our infrastructure. Tourism is an asset to the Island not a liability and is an important pillar of Jersey’s economy. Tourism development must be driven by the industry and supported by encouraging new investment in quality attractions and assisting those in the industry to generate new business.


Jersey’s environment is our most important asset. It affects everyone; locals and visitors alike. We must recycle. We must minimise our waste. We all have to take responsibility and plan for the future. We need green lanes, not green beaches!


I have been instrumental in bringing the so called ‘legal’ drugs to people’s attention and its subsequent banning.

Senior Citizens

The number of senior citizens is projected to increase as people live longer. I will make provisions that enable our senior citizens to live comfortably and safely. I have campaigned tirelessly with others for the introduction of an insurance scheme for people in later years, to ensure they won’t be forced to sell their homes, should one of the partners succumb to long term medical care.

Young Adults

I wish to help young people get started. For those that leave Jersey to study, I am concerned that they are deterred from returning to the Island because of the high living costs. We are starving our Island of home grown talent. We must seek ways to assist them to stay and enjoy a fair standard of living.


If re-elected I would continue my campaign to restart the Hoppa Bus service and improve public transport. I have installed many bus shelters and improved pathways., I was instrumental in the re-introduction of the Double Decker Buses.

The Future

States spending must be better managed, prioritised and where necessary cut. We cannot live beyond our means.

We must stop focusing on the problems and start focusing on the solutions.