An economic proposal

If elected I shall be seeking the position of Economic Development Minister, not least because I believe that we must now put economic prosperity firmly back on the agenda.  From the rejuvenation of Fort Regent to Sports and Event led Tourism to FinTech and the digital economy to economic diversification and Small Business development. In real terms in 2012/13 Jersey’s economy was at the lowest recorded level since 1998 – it’s time to act.

Tourism – It’s time to LOVE Tourism again! I will ensure that the Visit Jersey board is fully established and properly resourced to ensure that this important pillar of our economy can once again prosper.

Sports and Event led Tourism – We can be in no doubt that, following the success and legacies of the London Olympics and Edinburgh Commonwealth Games, sport is a major contributor to a successful economy, as well as being essential to the health and wellbeing of our society. I will support the re-location of our Sport and Heritage portfolio from Education to Economic Development.  I will establish a new sports, conference and events body to develop Jersey as a leading venue for sports and event led tourism.

Economic Diversity – Helps to defeat economic decline and offer new opportunities in employment, skills and the availability of goods and services.  I will ensure investment in emerging industries and small business start-ups by fully utilising innovation and development funding and support.

A growing economy delivers:

  • Jobs and lower unemployment. With higher output businesses tend to employ more workers creating more employment.
  • Higher incomes. Enables islanders to enjoy more goods and services and enjoy better standards of living.
  • Stronger States finances. Economic growth creates higher tax revenues and there is less need to spend money on benefits. Therefore economic growth helps to improve the States finances.
  • Improved public services. With increased tax revenues the States can invest more on health, education and other essential services.
  • More money can be spent on sports and leisure facilities and protecting the environment. With higher GVA a society can devote more resources to sports and leisure facilities and the use of renewable resources and recycling.
  • Investment. Economic growth will encourage new investment into the local economy and therefore encourages a worthy cycle of economic growth.


Economic Growth, Population & Immigration

Economic Growth if properly delivered does not lead to excessive population growth. We need to plan carefully for sustainable population growth which, if prudently and consistently managed, will assist us to develop as an economy and a community for the benefit of all. We must pay particular attention to immigration which must be tightly controlled.


The size of our States Assembly should be reduced. We must keep the island wide mandate. I believe that Connétables should continue to sit in the States by virtue of their office. I also believe that the number of Deputies should be reduced.

I do not favour party politics, I favour TEAM politics.