Dear Parishioner

As a candidate for the position of Deputy in St Mary, I write to seek your support.

For those of you who do not know me – I am 48 and was born in North Wales. I am married to Marilyn and have two grown up step sons who live and work in the UK. I have lived in Jersey for just over 20 years, 18 of these living and working in St Mary.

I feel very privileged to have served the Community via the Honorary Police for the last 14 years, 4 as a Constables Officer, 10 as a Centenier with the last 7 years as Chef de Police for St Mary.

I worked closely with the present Constable on the accident black spot at Bethlehem Chapel which is now completed and proving to be much safer.  Work is still on going on the traffic calming scheme to make it safer to get around the parish.

I came to the Island as Huntsman to the Jersey Drag Hunt and for the last 7 years I have also been Clerk of the Racecourse.  These two jobs bring me into close contact with Tourism, Agricultural, Immigration and the Manual sectors, so have experience of dealing with people from all walks of life.

I am happy to give you, as a parishioner, my long term commitment that if successful I would seek to represent you for more than just one term as Deputy.  I bring a fresh face, with a common sense approach and will address your issues honestly as and when they arise. I will listen and reflect the concerns and interests of all parishioners in both parish and Island affairs.

My intention is to work closely with the Constable on Parish matters. The Deputy and Constable have different roles to play but must work together for the benefit of all parishioners.


I feel the whole atmosphere of life on Jersey is so special and is something to be preserved.

I have serious concerns about the expenditure of the States. It would appear that all too often we employ top of the range UK Civil Servants on huge salaries who import legislation and policies, designed to regulate a huge European conglomerate, without even the smallest readjustment. I believe we must introduce a policy of training competent local talent to take the top jobs at local salaries rather than pay outlandish agency premiums.

From the point of view of a small Island nation, the infrastructure to support unnecessary legislation is a burden on the taxpayer. If you wish to preserve what makes Jersey the finest of places to live (the Channel Islands) and preserve St Mary’s as a rural gem act now and use your vote wisely.

It is important that our young people can afford to find a residence in the Island and still afford a reasonable life style. To do this we must encourage business and development in the Island creating jobs and reducing unemployment.