Approachable, Accountable, Active

“In The District- For the District”

My parents were residents of the District; I was brought up in Westmount Road, have lived in District for 38 years, and have an extensive local knowledge. I was educated at Jersey College for Girls, went on to gain B.A. (Hons) in Humanities, M. A. in Sociology, Diploma in Youth and Community Work, Certificate in Education and Diploma in Management. I worked for 10 years as a youth and community worker in north London, in very diverse communities, and understand the need for dialogue, consultation, and getting all the Community involved in change and politics at the grass roots. I have been a Lecturer in Sociology at Highlands College over the last 20 years, working with teenagers and adults from all walks of life. I have been a Carer for my elderly Mum, and can appreciate the challenges the growing elderly population face. I am a working single Mum, my daughter has recently completed her Primary education at First Tower School, so I understand the need for more family friendly policies and affordable childcare.

I am approachable, knowledgeable, experienced in listening to and responding to peoples’ concerns. I have actively campaigned to improve the quality of life for St. Helier residents on many occasions at Roads Committee, Planning meetings, Parish assemblies, and was involved in establishing the Cheapside residents’ parking scheme; more consideration must be given to parking and speeding problems. The proposed re-development of the Hospital must be reviewed- I support the expansion and refurbishment of current site. Urban regeneration for Cheapside is needed, especially with the anticipated increase in population in the Westmount Quarry area.  I support all the voluntary groups improving the quality of life for residents; will protect public green spaces and want more allotments for St. Helier residents. Work on resolving the sea lettuce problem at West Park, so people can enjoy the beach and refurbished Marine Lake.

Working towards creating a fairer society and reducing social inequality will inform my decision making; less inappropriate use of “zero hour contracts” and increasing the minimum wage. I support the new Anti-Discrimination Law, and have campaigned for equal opportunities throughout my life and will continue to do so, e.g. to allow married women to complete own tax returns. Over consumption of alcohol is behind many social problems; domestic violence, street crime, parenting/family problems, increased health risks; I will work with agencies and individuals to find solutions.

I support the Finance industry and recognise the need to allow the markets to be free, whilst promoting growth in new areas, thinking global whilst acting in local interests. My aims are urgently diversifying the economy; using the internet to create business opportunities, increasing lifelong learning and reducing use of outside Consultants, using the talent that is already here, reviewing the funding for higher education and increasing tourism with Europe, building on the work of the excellent Language schools.