I have had the honour of serving as your Deputy for the last six years.

I am married with two children and have lived in the district for 37 years. Among my academic, professional and business qualifications I hold an Honours degree in Economics from the University of London. I have had wide experience in the aerospace and construction industries, and worked in the fields of education, youth work and financial regulation.

Between 1977 and 1995 I was a lecturer in economics, law and banking at Highlands College and between 1995 and 2007 I worked for the Jersey Financial Services Commission where I was responsible for drafting laws that have led to the introduction of a bank depositor compensation scheme, the general insurance mediation law and for the Financial Services Ombudsman scheme.

Since entering the States I have played a very active role in holding Ministers and Civil Servants to account and played a major role in bringing forward the Freedom of Information Law (from January 2015) which should make our government more accountable and transparent.

I am standing for re-election to challenge and put forward alternative policies to those being pursued by the Council of Ministers and fight for the ordinary men, women and children of this Island rather than the vested interests who appear to be directing or supporting the Council of Ministers.

Our economic model is broken.

  • The policy of putting all our eggs in one basket – ie. the finance industry – is flawed and has failed the people of this island. Whilst supportive of the jobs of the 12,500 people employed in the sector it is imperative that we diversify the economy which has stagnated and declined over the last ten or more years to create more/new jobs to replace those that we have lost and will lose in the years ahead due to the impact of overseas competition, technological development, financial regulation and political pressure from outside the Island.
  • We need more jobs for those who don’t have the skills, qualifications or desire to work in the finance industry otherwise the alternative is a life on income support.
  • We need to up-skill our workforce, assisting all those who wish to train in new fields or trades with financial assistance or courses and not merely fund students going to university. We must embrace life-long learning to adapt to the future and take advantage of any opportunities that may come our way.
  • We need to provide affordable housing – to buy and rent- so that our children can live an independent life in the island rather than be forced to stay at home or leave the island.
  • We need a fair taxation system and reverse the policy of making the burden fall on individuals rather than companies. I will oppose the GST rises that will come after the election due to the financial mismanagement of the Council of Ministers and their budget deficit.
  • We need to stop the unrestrained and unsustainable growth in our population by introducing work permits.