Who is Murray Norton?

I have lived in Jersey for thirty five years and I’m married to Anna and have a nineteen year old daughter. We own two successful restaurants and a guesthouse in St Aubin, Murray’s and Mash!. This follows several successful businesses in retail and entertainment. I have worked as a radio presenter for thirty years for the BBC and Channel 103fm and presented many television programmes in Europe and America.

Having come from a personal background of poverty, the importance of helping others in the community has always been a major driving force in my life. I’m proud to have been involved in raising several millions of pounds for local charities and community causes.

I am passionate about making people’s lives better, improving the environment we live in and securing a safe and economical future for Jersey.

I would be honoured to have your vote and as a politician will remain true to my values of honesty, hard work and compassion. I will represent those of the parish and will ensure I am available to listen and assist, whilst doing all I can to enable positive action within the States assembly.


St Brelade. I want to improve:

Parking in St Aubin. For too long residents and businesses have suffered, We must tackle this issue and I believe I have viable options and possible solutions.

Our environmentSt Brelade is beautiful, but can be cleaner, greener and more floral. Our precious St Brelade coastline must be preserved from over-development.

SecurityWith the success of areas such as St Aubin, comes the added burden on policing. We need inexpensive, non-intrusive security cameras.


Jersey. I want to improve:

Economy. A healthy economy is essential to keeping Jersey special. Freeing up small and medium size businesses from the many restrictions holding it back will drive our economy forward. A healthy economy improves everyone’s lifestyle.

Tourism. Our best resource is our beautiful island. Event led and heritage tourism will increase visitors. That in turn will boost jobs and our economy.

Education. Our young islanders must be invested in, from modernising schools, to a realistic student loan scheme for university students, we must support the future.

Health. With an increasing elderly population, we must plan to provide the care, support and sheltered accommodation required.

Elections. A modern, digital voting system would increase turn-out and engage more in the decision making process. Jersey has the skills to make this happen.

These are just some of the many challenges facing us all. I am happy to listen and discuss any issues you may have. I want to be your voice in the States and will value your vote.

Politicians have lost the respect and trust of many islanders. That needs to change. I have always wanted to stand and I’m standing because I believe I have the vision and energy to get results.

I believe together we can build a more successful, more enjoyable and more positive future.

Vision. Energy. Results.