At the by-election on 5th March you had the confidence to elect me as your Deputy. I seek it again for a further term, as I feel my policies have become more urgent and relevant following disclosure of a looming £95m budget deficit. 

The Establishment response will be to pursue “Austerity” policies of cuts in public services, cuts in public sector jobs, continued pressure on public sector wages, increases in GST and new “user pays” charges.

The defence of living standards for working people will require forceful and outspoken Deputies, capable of organising coalitions of Members inside the Assembly. 

St Helier has suffered by electing candidates who have little or no previous involvement with either local politics or the community they suddenly claim they wish to represent. I live at Havre des Pas and have done so for 10 years.

My campaign is based on the following: –

  • Creation of jobs and reduction of unemployment.
  • End the abuse of Zero Hours contracts.
  • Prevent any rise in GST.
  • Campaign for a real “Living Wage”.
  • Build a new 21st Century Hospital, on one site, suitable for islander’s needs.
  • Increase paid statutory maternity leave from 2 to 26 weeks. 
  • Enlarge the provision of affordable child care.
  • Electoral and States Reform. Ensure St Helier has equal representation. One category of Member, elected on the same day in constituencies of equal size. Constables should not sit in the Assembly ex officio. Vote “No” in the Referendum.
  • Improve the quality and affordability of private and social rented accommodation. Revive the Rent Tribunal.
  • Campaign for effective anti-discrimination measures.
  • Seek a planned end to the “non-quals” inequality.
  • Restore Fort Regent to a vibrant sports and social centre with improved Snow Hill access.
  • Rejuvenate the shabby parts of St Helier, the piers and old industrial areas. 



Immigration is necessary to counter an ageing population. However, government policy has created a casualised labour market with immigrants competing with locals for the few low paid jobs that exist. Only employers benefit from low wages. Increasing the minimum wage and unionisation can improve terms and conditions for ALL.


I have been sponsored by Unite the Union as an act of solidarity. As a former finance employee, I know how wages and conditions have worsened since 2008.


I was born in Jersey, educated at Victoria College, qualified as a solicitor and practiced in the City of London. Upon return, I worked in the finance sector and later specialised in employment law. I provided my services pro bono to represent dozens of workers before the Jersey Employment Tribunal following unfair dismissal.


Since 1993 I have campaigned for gender equality. I organised and spoke at the Equality March for equal marriage this July. I am Secretary of the Jersey Human Rights Group.

I welcome the candidates from the Polish and Portuguese communities standing as Senator and Deputy.