Why I believe I am a suitable candidate:

  • Practical, legal and business experience;
  • Knowledge and experience of the workings of the States;
  • A record of Parish service;
  • An understanding of Islanders’ needs and concerns;
  • A passion for Parish and Island;
  • Caring, committed, enthusiastic to serve.

About me:

  • I am aged 58 and married with two adult children. I was educated locally and have always lived in St Ouen.
  • I qualified as an advocate in 1984 and have been a partner and consultant in local law firms, assisting local people. Legal practice has given me experience and understanding of Islanders’ needs. I have learned to listen to people, represent their interests and achieve results for them.
  • For the last 9 years I have served as a Procureur du Bien Public, acting as a public trustee, responsible for parish finances and property.
  • I am Chairman of the States Complaints Board which hears complaints about decisions made by Ministers. I have learned about the way States departments work, have criticised procedures and suggested improvements.

Vision for St Ouen:

  • I recognise the wealth of skills and talents among parishioners contributing to Parish life. I support those already involved and would draw others into our community.
  • I would fully participate in developing a Village Plan for St Ouen, examining needs for sheltered accommodation, affordable homes, nursery schools, young people’s facilities, parking, retail and recreational areas. The Plan should consider the future of the Youth and Community Centre.
  • I support proposals for a Parish Community Support Team and would work to take that initiative forward.
  •  I would press for the extension of the mains drainage system.
  • I would press for the extension of the mains drainage system.
  • As Deputy, I would draw on all myexperience to serve parishioners, represent them in dealings with States departments and consult closely.

View on the States:

  • We must carefully manage immigration to achieve balance between preserving our environment, providing adequate housing and creating a vibrant economy to support our ageing population: education and training in skills needed in our economy is crucial.
  • Our economy depends on a well regulated finance industry.  We must robustly defend it and maintain high standards. We also need to encourage new businesses.
  • Ministers and departments must be transparent and open in decision-making. There should be an easy to use complaints system providing an impartial review process.
  • The States should focus on evidence-led intelligent debate. Party politics are inappropriate for Jersey.
  • Our taxes should be fair.  Corporate tax should be reviewed.
  • We must develop a gold standard education system. Every child should receive the best education that meets their needs and abilities.
  • We need leadership in our health service to meet the challenge of delivering excellent care against rising demands.
  • Tough decisions are necessary to live within our means, whilst safeguarding the vulnerable and preventing division in society.

I hope to meet as many electors as possible during the campaign and please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please consider casting your vote for me, Richard Renouf, as your Deputy.

Right Experience. Right Choice.