St Helier

I want to play a central role in the urban planning and regeneration of St Helier. People need homes but the size and scale of the current plans being contemplated are just too large. Overbearing developments cannot compromise the town park. The buildings are too high and the numbers too great. Let people and planners work together effectively.

Greater consideration must be given to both working families and the older generation in town. A high cost of living puts a tough burden on everyone. Nursery fees are high, essentials expensive and affordable accommodation limited. We must work together and create a fairer solution.


I believe Public Sector Reform will have a profound effect in reducing waste, creating efficiencies and adding real value to the frontline services. Numbers must and will reduce by at least twenty percent over the next four years through natural reduction. This still allows for new blood to enter the service for essential roles such as nursing, teachers etc.

Electoral reform is necessary. Our electoral system is complicated, unfair and unbalanced. Voters need better representation in the States, a fairer system. Clearer, simpler, more transparent, more open.


Diversification of the economy is essential if Jersey is to survive. Locate Jersey has played a vital role in scouting globally, encouraging businesses to trade here. They need greater support. Job creation remains a top priority. Our small business support is lacking. Too many obstacles, too bureaucratic, it could be better designed.

I have worked closely with Digital Jersey to create strong lines of communication between their job expectations and our delivery of talented students. We must develop more opportunities in the “tech” sector and encourage greater growth for Creative Industries. Our young people are remarkable and deserve better futures.

GST and immigration must be capped.


Youth – We are working on helping create a Youth Parliament so our youth have a voice. They must lobby politicians with their ideas, scrutinise our policies, question our decisions and address the issues that affect them most.

Older Generation – As numbers in retirement increase greater resources will be needed. We can’t allow them to become a forgotten generation. No one should suffer for a lack of basic necessities, let’s help people feel connected and valued.


I have already stated publically that, if elected, I will seek the role of Minister of Education. I have always chosen roles that were difficult and challenging, this is no exception. I am passionate about our education system and feel I can offer something different for its future. In short I believe we can be world class.

The new Director has outlined his vision for the future of education, raising standards, more autonomy for schools, more focus on the curriculum and greater engagement with families. All are aligned with my vision. Teachers deserve challenging careers, greater recognition, and more opportunities to witness and share good practice. It will demand a clear vision, communicated on all levels, and in a timely fashion.

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