Alvin Aaron
Place of Birth:
Family Status: Married to my beautiful wife Rina
Occupation: Company Director

My vision for a brighter and exciting future for all of residents of Jersey:


As an administrator of the ‘Jersey Businesses in Crisis’ Facebook group I provide excellent insight into the local business community and act as a representative for these businesses within government.

My aim is to continue to fight for local businesses, many of which are struggling to survive in the current climate.


We need to continue to welcome workers from oversea to fill job vacancies that cannot be sufficiently filled by the local workforce. The current work licencing situation needs to be reviewed and regular assessment of the local requirements needs to take place.

If we continue on the current path of denying licences to struggling businesses, allowing them to hire qualified staff this reckless policy will eventually destroy the existing local economy.

Law and order

I want to see a more efficient border control system in place, with resource allocated to all ports. Background checks should be carried out to all those wishing to remain in the island for work purposes and those with criminal records reviewed, with denying entry if necessary. There seems to be a gap in this process at present with those with records not being recognised until further crimes have been committed at the detriment to the island.

One of the primary responsibilities of the government should be to ensure the safety of its current and future citizens.


With Great Britain making the decision to leave the EU, the falling of the pound (£) and the Islamist terrorism sweeping much of Europe many of the popular tourist hot spots have been plagued with fear and reluctance to visit.

This gives Jersey the opportunity to revive the tourism industry, I will aim to encourage people back to our beautiful island through use of media and working with local businesses in order to provide well deserved holidays.

Public Transport

I would seek to end Condors monopoly on our ferry routes. Condor has done untold damage to the Jersey economy and as this years Battle week proves with the failure of the Condor Liberation has affected tourism once again. Someone needs to be held accountable.

I aim to bring back the Hoppa Town Bus Service which has worked well in the past.

Minimum wage/Taxation

We need to counteract the current minimum wage, my solution is to raise the tax thresholds which help those on lower incomes who generally spend their income within the local economy.

Parking and Road Safety

I will challenge the current Minister for the job and will increase much needed street parking within St Helier.

The environmentally unfriendly scratch cards need to be scrapped with more disk parking made available.

Many junctions could benefit from the filter in turn systems, preventing dangerous red light jumping and improve the flow of traffic.