I believe we need a fresh perspective in the States Assembly.

I have a solid track record of working for the community to promote equality and fight discrimination. Equally, I am not afraid to stand up to power, as I did by successfully leading the ‘Save People’s Park’ campaign.

Throughout the duration of my time in office, I will work to achieve the following ten key pledges:


  • I will instigate a thorough review of existing States owned assets and amenities. Achieving optimisation will lead to savings and more efficient services for the people of Jersey, without the need for increased taxation or charges.



  • I will for lobby for a joined-up approach between private enterprise and the States of Jersey to provide an effective States-backed loans system for funding University and Higher Education students. No Jersey student should ever be prevented from attending university on the grounds of cost.
  • I will work with the Education Department to ensure OECD approved testing is applied in all Island schools. We need to ensure that we are delivering the highest educational standards for our children.



  • I will develop a partnership initiative with local businesses and our schools to ensure that our children are instilled with an early appreciation of both proper diet and fitness.
  • I will support the lifting of the ban on gay men donating blood in Jersey, permitting them to contribute positively and charitably to our community in a way other Islanders already can.



  • I will support appropriate controls and a citizenship programme to ensure immigrant workers are an asset to the Island by virtue of their skills, community participation and contribution to tax income, whilst excluding those with unspent or serious criminal convictions.



  • I will work towards the creation of a public/private partnership proposal for the future of Fort Regent. This issue needs to be tackled once and for all with private investment and an appropriate Service Level Agreement. With real leadership Fort Regent can once again provide a vibrant home for sports, entertainment and heritage.
  • I will develop a clear and enforceable cultural policy. We need a new aspirational policy that focuses on protecting our unique heritage and language; whilst also providing support and incentives for the arts to thrive on the Island.



  • I will work to ensure that the Environment Department’s ‘Future-proofing Jersey’ is implemented and that the Department for Infrastructure are prioritising resilience against the effects of global warming for St Helier and the Island as a whole.



  • I will work with the E-Government Team, Digital Jersey and Parish stakeholders to prioritise online voter registration and voting for the 2018 elections. Everybody who can vote, should vote and we need to offer greater access to the electorate in a secure and accessible way.


I am ready to get to work from day one.

I hope you will consider giving me your vote on 7 September 2016.