I have been supporting the island community for many years, in a wide range of roles. I have decided to stand for Senator as I firmly believe I can put my vast experience to positive use and make a difference for the benefit of the Island.

If successful, I will listen, support and endeavour to find pragmatic resolutions

My primary role will be to ask those questions that most of us have been asking over the years with regards to the important issues of housing, education, employment, health and immigration. I may not be able to provide immediate answers but will listen, support and endeavour to find pragmatic resolutions.

I will be the voice of our community making sure that the appropriate questions are asked of the council of ministers ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum, whilst considering the needs of every sector of the community. We must also find ways of reducing the deficit, safeguarding our economy for the long-term.

My current roles of responsibility within Jersey:

  • President of the Honorary Police Association
  • Centenier of Trinity
  • Member of JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme)
  • Member of Emergency Planning Board for Jersey
  • Chairman of the Jersey Sports Council
  • Board member of the Battle of Flowers Board
  • Member of the Advisory Sports Council
  • Vice Chairman of the Jersey Race Course

I would be honoured to become a Senator.

My full manifesto can be read at: www.hughraymond.je but my message is simple, I can’t promise to move the world in 18 months but I can give you my word I will use my experience and knowledge of Jersey for the benefit of the island we are all proud to call home.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact, to discuss my manifesto, I am here to listen.

Please vote on 7 September 2016.