My message is very simple I believe that I am the best candidate to be elected as Senator. In the States of Jersey Assembly, there are eight Senatorial seats of which seven are held by men and one remains to be filled. Women are under represented and our voice needs to be heard and heard clearly.

If elected I will work tirelessly to make Jersey an even greater place to live, work and raise a family than it already is, ensuring that everyone in our island has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Governing an island as diverse and complex as Jersey is not simple and there are limits to what the government can do.

‘Jersey doesn’t need reform it needs strengthening.’

Working together, rather than at cross-purposes, we can achieve great outcomes while maintaining responsible fiscal policies and not creating a debt burden that will encumber future generations.

I want to be a champion for Jersey, our culture and our businesses.

Here is a brief summary of a few of what I call my



  • Property register- Jersey needs a property register rather than the cumbersome system that is currently in place.
  • Administration in the Parishes and the States needs to be digitalised to avoid duplication.
  • Joint Philanthropic and Government supported, referral service for people who need to access mental health assessment. For people who find themselves within the judicial process, referrals to be made directly by Centeniers, Lawyers, and Police.
  • New online forms for income tax for self employed.
  • Online registrations & voting.


We need equality in everything, in government, business, education and health. I particularly want to champion equality for gender, age and ethnicity.


Looking after our economy protecting what works and looking at diversity. Protecting our finance industry. Spending money wisely, challenging expenses and implementing prudent savings.


We need a full and balanced debate about immigration.
Our average working age is 41.7 years and set to increase year by year, this is too high and one of the highest of any developed economy, with serious implications for funding pensions and social services. We need controlled immigration to bring our median working age down and to secure our future of services including care and pensions for the elderly.


The total on-Island visitor expenditure in 2014 was £232 million, an average of £331 per visitor. Not only is this good for our economy, it is also good for people living and working here and how we spend our leisure time .

Jersey marketing: Businesses and organisations in any community need a shared approach to achieve effective brand development and strategic marketing. Ideally the brand identity stretches to all other sectors of the economy – services, art and crafts, finance and agriculture and fishing, and investment promotion. It is most effective when businesses support the branding by aligning their individual promotional activities where appropriate, using the same language, stories and style to maximise impact in the marketplace.

Thank you for reading this.