I am standing as an anti-Austerity candidate in the interests of working people, pensioners and the poor.

As constitutional arrangements with the UK are reconsidered post BREXIT, the opportunity arises for a long overdue democratic audit of state and representative functions in Jersey.


Whilst the Jersey government’s “Austerity” policies serve only to preserve the incomes of the wealthy, I shall be putting the arguments for anti-austerity and anti-racist politics capable of fighting for all working people.

People seek alternatives to orthodox economics that say inequality is inevitable, that wages as a falling percentage of the economy is acceptable and that cuts in public services are “rolling back the state”.

There must be real diversification of the economy. The old “low tax, low spend” model is broken. Taxation has been shifted deliberately from companies to salaries and wages (0/10/20, GST, “20 means 20”, new “user pays” charges). Progressive income tax is now essential and a way must be found to tax companies once again.

This autumn the States will debate new rounds of cuts and charges.


Democracy is broken when 70% of electors abstain from voting at general elections. Those who choose not to vote exclude themselves from being taken into account when decisions are made.

Yet, the COM can be beaten, as the People’s Park campaign showed, when people organise themselves.


  • Create secure jobs. Reduce unemployment. Strengthen workers’ rights.
  • Improve the quality and affordability of private and social rented accommodation. Revive the Rent Tribunal.
  • End the abuse of Zero Hours contracts.
  • Campaign for a real “Living Wage”.
  • Build a new 21st Century Hospital, suitable for islander’s needs.
  • Enlarge affordable child care provision.
  • Electoral and States Reform. Achieve equal urban representation. One category of Member, elected on the same day in constituencies of equal size.
  • Implement the Carswell Report. A Crown Officer should not chair the Assembly.
  • Campaign for effective anti-discrimination measures.
  • Seek a planned end to the “non-quals” inequality.


BREXIT – Nothing about us, without us”

Profound changes to the constitutional relationship between Jersey and UK are inevitable following the referendum to leave the EU. Islanders must be part of all decision making.

Thus arises the opportunity for a democratic audit of state and representative functions.

I oppose Jersey Independence.

We must preserve and extend working and residency rights for all EU citizens already in Jersey.


I have campaigned for social justice in Jersey for over 20 years. Being a former Deputy, elected in 2014 in St Helier No.1, I gained valuable experience of the Assembly.

As a lawyer I fight for workers, representing them pro bono before the Jersey Employment Tribunal. I brought the first racial harassment case under the new Discrimination Law and shamed a restaurant for failing to pay staff the minimum wage.