Thank you so much for all the support which is making it possible to achieve this. I am honoured to have been nominated and to have the support of the Stevie Ocean Fan Club (Official) who are crowd funding my campaign from their own pockets. I will make a genuine difference. I make you no promise other than that your goals will be my goals, my concerns, your concerns. We must always remember what is truly important; a good quality of family life for everyone.

Our island is only 45 square miles and we already have a population over one hundred and two thousand, we could reclaim land from the sea but we should not because of the unforeseen environmental consequences which might arise such as the sea lettuce in St Aubin’s bay. Our Public Services are under pressure, there is one police officer for every 400 people, our hospital is too small, our schools are too small. Further immigration must be strictly controlled by maintaining the five year rule and work permits. To protect those of us who have chosen Jersey as our home, who have worked within the rules and become an essential part of our community as well as those who were lucky enough to be born here.

Recently I wrote to Google to ask them to remove the (UK) from the Channel Islands which they kindly consented to, I think this was important because it made us a target for illegal immigrants trying to enter the UK who may have been misled by the labelling on the maps. We must not allow ourselves to become a back door for illegal immigration into the UK. We should send out a clear message that there will be no special treatment, everyone arriving here will be dealt with according to the law and if you are not supposed to be here you will be sent back. Whilst it is easy to open your heart to the plight of these economic refugees we must never forget that many British soldiers were killed in the Middle East, stabbed in the back by people they thought were friends.

I have seen such horrible things, sights I do not want people here to experience.

I want to see that our island life is protected. Human nature is to grumble, but we are so lucky to live here. Yes, we take it for granted but just take a moment to look and see what we enjoy. I am sure you will agree just how lucky we are in Jersey.

I will finish with a word on my behalf, from Mr Alberto Rodrigues, for my Portuguese friends.

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