My name is Andrew Le Quesne and I am asking the electors of St Saviour District 3 to vote for me on Wednesday 16th May 2018.

I have spent most of my life living and growing up in the District, it has given me a great life and a love of the Parish, now I want to put something back to repay the debt. I want to serve and represent the electors as their Deputy, it is my wish to work with the Constable and the other Deputies to represent the best interests of the Parish. To help me learn how best to serve the Parish, I have been talking to the Constable, Deputies and many Electors.

I have also been speaking to many other Members & candidates, to find areas of common interest. I believe it is vital to get to know and be able to work with other politicians we need to work together.

Living in the Parish, over the years I have witnessed a great many changes, the urban area has expanded and the countryside has shrunk, we cannot reverse this but we must manage it better. We have to work together to find the best ways to minimise the impact urbanisation has on us and our descendants. We need to support our Agriculture to remain viable whilst adapting to modern environmental practices, we cannot afford to lose this vital economic activity.

There are modern environmental expectations on all of us, Parish and Island, we have to make a much greater effort to act in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We need to recycle more, to cut down on plastics, to compost more, to plant more hedges, trees and wildlife friendly areas. Trees and hedges can help hugely to reduce the effects of traffic noise and pollution.

Traffic is a major issue in the Parish, we are caught in the commuter & school traffic from Trinity, St Martin and Grouville and we need to manage it better. We need to close down the ‘rat runs’ all across the Parish, we need to reclaim the lanes for local traffic, pedestrians and cyclists. The Five Oaks junction must be reviewed urgently, Cinq Chenes and the whole residential area is in the clash of commuter and school traffic.

The Island urgently needs to develop a sensible Population & Immigration policy, without one we cannot plan for the future. We need to reform Public Services and control Public Expenditure, Taxation & Social Security, Pensions, Education, Care for the Elderly have all been neglected, this is unacceptable.

Recent Governments have failed to plan ahead, and then have been forced into ‘knee jerk’ policies, this has repeatedly hit the hard working ‘Middle Jersey’ earners and unfairly penalised them. Our Taxation system is failing us and needs to be reviewed to a more balanced one, we need to find solutions that will increase the income of the Island and reduce the burden on the population.

We need fresh thinking.