As the Deputy of Grouville for 16 years, I take great pride in working hard on behalf of parishioners and for Jersey as a whole. My record demonstrates the positive impact I have made; I have passion and energy, with an understanding of Jersey’s traditions – and equally a vision for its future.

My core values remain: being approachable, fair and Community focused, be that at local, Island or Global level.

In Grouville

I will continue to fight inappropriate development and work with our Constable to provide First-Time Buyer and Sheltered Housing. I founded, and continue to work with, the Grouville Gazette, Grouville Community Support Group and I hold regular Parish Surgeries.

In the States

I have promoted Jersey Internationally, encouraging new global opportunities post-Brexit and championing renewable energy and green initiatives. I campaigned on behalf of the deaf community and successfully ensured that your Freedom of Information rights extended to States-owned bodies – including Andium, SoJ Development Company and Ports.

However, as voters well know, there’s more that urgently needs to be accomplished:-

  • Government – Regaining the people’s trust. The current system is run by a powerful few, determining policy behind closed doors, while the concerns of the general public – and even of their elected representatives – are routinely ignored.
  • Population – Finding a long term solution is long overdue. We all feel the pressure on our environment, housing, infrastructure and business needs. We need targets to properly plan and introduce a points system for new arrivals.
  • Education and Skills – Increasing skills and training will improve economic productivity and reduce reliance on outside expertise. Reinstating the 14-19 vocational training and apprenticeship schemes is vital for Jersey’s future.
  • Housing – New thinking is required. Let’s use some of the £30 million currently spent in rent rebates each year, to provide States loans for deposits to help people get on the property ladder. We also need to abolish stamp duty on first-time buyers mortgages.
  • Business – Forging international opportunities post-Brexit, is essential, and I have helped secure links for our dairy farmers. I fought successfully for foreign firms to pay the same tax as local companies and for fair treatment for Jersey’s fishermen.
  • Taxation – Modernising our tax system by introducing a tiered system rather than the marginal rate which punishes hard working ‘Middle Jersey’. Giving business ‘Start-ups’ an initial Social Security break.
  • Environment – Creating job opportunities through green initiatives because renewable energy is our future. I support the campaign against plastics.
  • Health and Social Security – Preserving dignity and independence delivered by an affordable health and social system is vital.

Jersey on the World Stage

I serve on the Brexit Scrutiny Panel and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. I also chair Jersey Overseas Aid Commission which has pioneered effective International partnerships with Comic Relief and the United Nations.

Our Parish

Grouville and my Constituents will always be at the heart of everything I do. I support our Honorary Police and many other voluntary groups, which remain the bedrock of our community and parish-life.