Dear Islander,

This election is a chance for the people of St. Ouen to vote for real change with an independent candidate. I am standing on a platform of positive change, with one clear and simple aim to improve the lives of all Islanders whilst creating an environment for job growth and prosperity for everyone.

Jersey has so much potential if managed correctly. There is no reason why Jersey could not have one of the highest standards of living in the world, but only if we have a government with a clear vision of how to get there. This can only happen if the right people are voted into office with a clear manifesto and clear objectives. Unfortunately many of our present representatives have proven they are incapable of making the right decisions on behalf of the people they are supposed to represent.

Ordinary people are struggling to get by with everyday living expenses. It is very clear to most people that under the current States leadership, Jersey has become a more unequal society. Average earnings have not increased for the majority of people for far too long.

I refuse to accept that any of this is inevitable and that nothing can be done to reverse this downward spiral, we can and must implement new strategies that will improve people’s lives. No one has all the answers but given the opportunity I believe I can work on behalf of the public to make this Island a better place for everyone. Not Just an elite few.

My Seven Key Pledges

I believe that the main focus for our next government should be:

1. To reign in the wasteful spending at the senior level of government whilst reducing taxation on ordinary people.

2. To make a concerted drive to improve the standard of living for all Islanders.

3. To implement the recommendations of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, to ensure all of Jersey’s young people can thrive.

4. To represent Jersey’s interests at the highest level throughout Brexit negotiations, to ensure Jersey’s place in the world is safe and respected.

5. To manage and control population growth sensibly.

6. To expand our sheltered housing model

7. To build decent affordable housing for our young families

I would truly like to represent not only the people of St Ouen, but the people of Jersey. If elected I will not let you down. A better successful Jersey is possible and I am determined to make it happen.


The finance industry is an essential part of our economic well-being and wealth. We must robustly defend it along with our constitutional rights. This must be done against a background of openness, transparency, and honesty. This is vital for our economy and Jersey’s long-term prosperity.