Dear Voter,

Having returned to the island after graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Critical Practice, I have decided to stand for election as Deputy of St. Clement with Reform Jersey. I grew up in St. Clement for 20 years, if elected, I would be proud to represent the Parish in the States Assembly.

Throughout my education and career, I have developed the ability to research and critically analyse contemporary issues. I will be sure to hold the government to account by questioning those decisions made which affect the lives and well-being of islanders. I shall hold regular drop-in session to listen to and address your concerns.

I have worked in the community as a Support Worker for some of our most vulnerable residents.

and have seen first-hand the problems which can arise from poor communication between social service departments and other service providers. The demand for support of our ageing population and the rise of dementia place ever-growing pressure on mental health services. It is time for major adjustments both to funding and to the means by which we can deliver really effective care in the community. For example, the recent changes to the delivery of care in the home by opening the care market to competition have resulted in reduced service levels.

Without an effective population policy in place to deliver sustainable limits on net inward migration, we are never going to be able to meet the increasing demand for resources such as housing, school places and health services. Reform Jersey will set sustainable and achievable targets and will stick to them.

I believe that increasing the minimum wage, along with increased adoption of the living wage, will start to address the inequality of incomes in the island. Poverty wages and zero-hour contracts have pushed many into insecure employment, increasing the levels of anxiety and depression among the workforce. It is time to protect employees through regulation from the abuse of zero-hour contracts.

My personal interests include the continued protection of Jersey’s unique cultural heritage which includes the preservation of our classic graded buildings and architecture. Protection of green space is also high on my list of priorities. We cannot fill every green field with high-rise development and this particularly applies to the parish of St. Clement, which has seen more than its share of building over recent years.

I believe that standing as a Reform Jersey candidate, with a clear commitment to deliver on our pledges provides the political accountability that has long been missing from Jersey politics. Our direct and honest approach to issues will, I believe, re-engage those who have been disillusioned by the track record of the outgoing Council of Ministers. We shall speak out on behalf of all sectors in our community, especially younger and first-time voters to make “The Jersey Way” once more a matter of pride.

On May 16th, please vote for the team – vote Reform Jersey