The formation of a Jersey “Sustainability Party”. A party to deliver on a clear range of policies aimed at securing a sustainable future for the people of Jersey.

Health, Education & Sport
Emphasis should be placed on promoting the health and well-being of the Island’s population:

Encouragement should be given to sporting activities for all age groups in Jersey.

Policies promoting a healthy life-style and further discouraging smoking, eradicating obesity in school children and providing educational support to schools.

Jersey needs to strike a sustainable balance on population and demands for new housing.

The requirement for house building in the Parish of Trinity needs to be carefully re-examined with needs-based policy, particularly for larger properties. We need to ensure the balance of the environment, including green spaces in country parishes …especially in Trinity.

A review of agriculture needs to be undertaken to ensure sustainability and protection of the environment, with set-aside being encouraged in certain circumstances.

All new buildings, homes, offices and public buildings should be built to passive standards, as far as possible and any renovations should be carried out to give the highest energy savings possible.

Renewable energy should be actively encouraged by public policy and the JEC Standby charge should not yet be enacted.

Improvements in Government Policy
We should strive for greater economies and efficiencies in The States of Jersey through the elimination of duplication of regulation.

There could be significant economies to be achieved by working with Guernsey to deliver cost savings and economies of scale.

The two islands would benefit from regular televised debates between the Government Assemblies with the aim of co-ordinating policy, law making, reducing regulatory duplication and thereby reducing costs and delivering improved services.

Infrastructure Projects

  • An urgent review of all infrastructure projects in needed, including the new hospital site and Fort Regent. This review should include input from all stakeholders to deliver truly sustainable outcomes for the benefit of all Islander’s.

Further Education

  • A Channel Island University should be encouraged, with courses targeted at the Island’s significant skills and knowledge-base to contribute to the graduate staffing requirements of our flourishing industries;
  • Finance & Economics
  • Biology and Environmental Sciences
  • Law
  • History

These degree courses, coupled with an island university campus and the excellent life-style available in Jersey, would encourage students from outside the Island and provide valuable funding towards the financing of the university.

Computer Security

Data security today is of paramount importance. The States should actively promote and encourage data security for businesses and individuals and facilitate the necessary training for this.