The present standing government has to be the worst to serve since the Second World War – feeble, ineffective, lacking robust leadership, integrity and identity, misusing public money on an epic scale. Many of its mem­bers, having been elected by the people to represent their aims and wishes at government level are not in tune with public opinion, having their own agenda. When held to account by the public they become determined to ignore the public, regardless. As a consequence, Islanders are angry and have little faith in our political system.

That is why, as a Jerseyman, and member of our community, I am going to put myself forward for election as a Senator: to bring to the Chamber itself the thoughts, feelings, and wishes of all Islanders with the passion they deserve. I wish to serve our people and to bring back a semblance of the very essence of good inclusive government, and that is precisely what I would do for my term of office, if elected.

Having stated my core reason in running for electoral selection, namely to see ’joined-up’ government – the Chamber and its Islanders working together for our mutual benefit, easing the total disjointed discord of present­ day politics. I shall pursue all and every other aim to reach the goal of better government, and list certain aims below.

  1. The Island is very lucky to have many principal residents who call Jersey their home – people with real understanding and experience who have a lot to offer in observation and comment. I should like to see a voluntary committee of those talented people be formed and recognised, with the government providing facilities; they could add depth to government decision-making and sit on a yearly changeover basis.
  2. That all politicians be made totally accountable for their actions and face the correct consequences thereof;
  3. That 2. above should apply to the civil service and all others in serving the people of Jersey;
  4. That all major decisions on public spending be open to decision and scrutiny to all in the States Chamber, an example being a new hospital, a big spend at present to be left to one element of govern­ment to decide;
  5. That the government curb the prolific waste of public money and adopt a principle of prudent approach, centrally controlled by a scrutiny panel.
  6. I should like to introduce a Jersey Honours system, with a title for recipients, which would promote and reward good service to our Island;
  7. Give passion to politics to encourage Islanders to get involved
  8. Hold each fortnight a Political Surgery, to welcome meeting Islanders, their thoughts and concerns;
  9. & 10. To listen, talk, act and serve the Island to the best of my ability, if elected.