I’m standing for election because I can no longer bear to watch my Island suffer this appalling government. Serious modifications are required, and I have the determination, ability and experience to drive the necessary changes.

A lot of people say the current States is the worst in living memory, and many are relying on an influx of new faces at this election to change that.

Well, it didn’t at the last election, and it won’t at this one.

The reason is quite simple – since 2005 the government has been the Council of Ministers, not the States Assembly.

You’re not electing people to the government, you’re electing them to the States.

It’s ministers who make the decisions – and you’re not electing ministers.

The present system concentrates power.

It is unaccountable.

It is incompetent.

It is not fit for purpose.

Even Guernsey has a better system.

So how do we get out of this mess?

Some candidates will give you well-meaning lists of solutions to our problems.

Unfortunately, that’s a bit like buying new furnishings for a boat that doesn’t float – until you fix the hull everything else is wishful thinking.

And many will offer ‘change’ without being explicit, whereas I’m proposing an unambiguous solution for a specific problem.

I note some are proposing ‘equal-sized constituencies’ and party politics as a solution.

However, as senator Bailache discovered, there is little support for political parties.

And certainly none for the chaos of Super Constituencies.

And a short time ago ministers pretended everything was fine by producing a policy claimed to reflect people’s wishes. Do they seriously expect us to believe them?

A dozen ministers ruling the Island with the rest trying to uncover what’s going on is dysfunctional. We need a system that gives all members a say in government.

I believe a modern version of the Committee System would be ideal – but there are other options and ultimately it is States members who will decide.

That’s why selecting candidates by the manifesto that most closely matches your ideals (as is usual) will no longer deliver.

You want change?

Then vote only for candidates who promise to overhaul ministerial government.

Assistant Chief Minister would be the ideal place to lead change and, if successful, I would seek that post. After working in both the committee and ministerial systems I have the necessary experience and qualifications.

I would also want responsibility for Immigration.

Our present open door policy is the root cause of nearly all our problems and it’s a disgrace that ministers have, for the past decade, wilfully avoided having a Population Policy.

I’m not in the habit of making promises I can’t keep, and so offering a manifesto of feel-good promises that will only be ignored would be disingenuous. That’s why my campaign focuses on the two main issues from which all others flow:

A revised System of Government and Immigration.

If elected, I promise to make those my priority.