Our Ministerial government does not work. Half of our representation is ineffective. Because power is centralised, It has resulted in lost basic principles which in turn has delivered poor and flawed legislation.

We have come to expect to little from government and to little from life. Our lives should be exceptional, pleasurable. To this end I will work tirelessly to deliver government that we can trust.

Government today has an insatiable appetite for money. I will put a stop to this. We need an accountable government. I can deliver this by preparing legislation for detailed financial accountability. This is important because the detail of government spending is what our government is doing, not what they say they are doing and the waste is colossal. I will put a stop to this.

Protection politics cannot keep us safe today in a fast changing world. It’s not the job of government to create wealth. That is your job.
The job of government is to provide services that the public deem important. The economy belongs to working people and businesses to create. Government must set rules. But in doing so must not inhibit the latter. Freedom for large as well as small business is imperative. It should never be the responsibility of business to pay for welfare. The responsibility of Welfare is government. It must always be funded by collective taxation. Business has already a huge responsibility in providing services and jobs. Anything that impedes the latter will always be counter productive. Secondly, We need our skilled and unskilled manual works. No One section of society is more important than another. How on one hand can a government give help to those in need.Paying everything from their home to food to clothing their electricity bill and the like and then not to provide affordable homes to those that work hard and pay their taxes to fund that welfare. It makes no sense at all. Homes must be affordable for those on lower incomes. It’s the responsibility of government to meet this need. To think otherwise, is not being wise. Therefore state housing rents must reflect this reality. I would say states rentals should fall by 40%. A two bedroom flat should be no more than £800 a calendar month. I will work hard to deliver this if I am elected.

To all those in government that now have stood down we must thank them. But it is my belief that we need new ideas. I have an abundance of ideas. I will change how states members are elected. I can make large contributions to education and health, particularly those who are young and left wanting. A vote for me will transform government. I want Jersey to be the envy of the international circuit for the very best of reasons. The tourism industry will be replenished by the example we set. Welcome to my new world where people truly come first and the economy is in service to that end.