Jersey born in 1954, educated at De La Salle College. I am passionate about Jersey, it is my Island, I love it. I would appreciate the honour and privilege of serving the people of Jersey as Senator. Please read my manifesto and Vote GORDON GEORGE TROY

Politics has been a part of my family as long as I can remember. There has been a Troy or Shenton in the States of Jersey since I was born, except for the last political term. Since the early 1980’s I have been in business. With over 30 year’s business experience, I feel I can contribute much politically to local business and represent the Island at an International level too.

I am passionate about helping the senior citizens in our society. The Jersey Pensioner has for a long time been politically overlooked, the pension scheme is meant to help people achieve and maintain financial independence. In my opinion it falls well short of this. One of my main political aims if elected will be to assist pensioners to get better Pension Benefits, better Health Care and better Housing designed to meet their needs. Our senior citizens have helped create our islands prosperity. We must do our very best to look after them.

If elected I will strongly support the Financial Services Industry, “the backbone of our economy”, producing most of the tax revenue and a high level of employment. Tourism, Agriculture, Retail, Fisheries, Building and Development would not go without my assistance, they are all very important to the Jersey economy and wonderful Jersey way of life, these industries must be supported by Government and have conditions put in place to allow these sectors to flourish without the trappings of excessive red tape.

When GST was introduced, it was a pay cut for every Jersey resident. I knew this Tax would hit the most vulnerable in our society, the poor, the pensioner, working families with young children and small struggling businesses. My aim if elected will be to keep GST pegged at 5% and raise tax thresholds so that small income families and pensioners will pay less tax. I am totally against increased taxation.

A significant challenge for our Island. If elected I would like to play a significant part in negotiating our new agreements that will replace PROTOCOL 3 with Europe and the UK, We need to guarantee a strong International Trade Position for Jersey, I feel my business negotiating skills could serve the Island well.

We must build more homes and offer finance schemes that give more home ownership opportunity.

£100,000,000 incinerator, “over budget”. £22,000,000 police station with falling crime rates. Insure capital projects are, one necessary, two value for money and three on budget. If elected I will attempt to stop this waste.

Jersey is a unique place, people and culture. We must protect all that we believe makes our island a special place to live in.