Trinity and Jersey face unprecedented challenges on issues as diverse as-:

  • The ageing population and care of the elderly
  • Policing
  • Education
  • Sport
  • A fair and equitable balanced budget
  • Immigration
  • Our place in the post-Brexit world

“First and foremost, I am here to listen to YOU the Parishioners of Trinity, and act on your behalf.”

I have been active and achieved senior positions in many parish, community and Island organisations since moving to Trinity.

My record demonstrates how strongly I value the honorary philosophy which underpins much of community parish and Island life.

  • President Honorary Police Association
  • Centenier, Trinity
  • Member JESIP
  • Member Emergency Planning Board
  • Member Prosecution Group
  • Chairman Jersey Sports Council
  • Vice Chairman Jersey Race Club
  • Chef de Mission Jeux des Iles

The Elderly:
Our population is living longer; how can we plan for this so everyone enjoys a good quality of life?

I would propose a review of the Long-Term Care Strategy to achieve a more coordinated approach to the complex issues of funding, care and fairness. 

Previously Board member of a Hospital Trust in Gloucestershire.

Our Honorary and Parish system must be maintained and encouraged to the highest possible level.
I have been Head of the Honorary Police Association and served as a Centenier which have given me a unique understanding of both the Honorary and States Police.

Education and young people:
We want the best for our children, to give them a bright future in which they can learn skills and gain knowledge that will enable them to make a valid contribution to the Island. It upsets me to hear of the problems youngsters face regarding employment and housing requirements.

I strongly believe that income should not be a restriction to anyone accessing education at any level. We must provide better vocational education, including apprenticeships, for the Island’s youth who are unable, or do not wish, to go to University. Investing in them will pay dividends for safeguarding the future of the Island.

I have been a Chairman of both an Independent and State school in UK.

Taxation and GST:
Taxation is always a burning issue and raising taxes is not the only answer.

We must keep supporting local businesses and encourage the growth of new ones to create jobs and give more people the security of a pay packet. A debate should take place to look at removing GST from food and clothing.

My working life has been mainly spent in the finance industry.

Like any small jurisdiction, immigration must be monitored with checks and balances in place that will help both present inhabitants and those seeking to come to the Island.

We need a clear and robust policy, properly enforced, without affecting the viability of local businesses to employ quality people.

Our beautiful parish could be affected by Brexit. I believe I have the required track record and experience to try to ensure any adverse changes are mitigated as much as possible and any opportunities are seized.