Experienced politician. Effective leader. Delivering change for Jersey.

I have shown that I have the passion, determination and expertise to lead our Island through tough economic and political times.

My focus has always been on improving the lives of Islanders, maintaining a strong, stable economy and enhancing Jersey’s international appeal.

During my time as Chief Minister, economic growth has exceeded expectations and unemployment figures have fallen to the lowest levels since 2009. Changes have been made to modernise government, to encourage investment in affordable housing and to establish the Long Term Care Scheme for the elderly.

I have represented Jersey, boosting the Island’s reputation to protect our financial services sector and to promote investment and trade for businesses of all sizes.

If elected, I will continue this work, building on our strengths and working towards a community where everyone is treated fairly and has a future.

I aim to:

Deliver effective economic leadership in uncertain times by:

  • Protecting our Island’s prosperity and the interests of businesses that drive our economy.
  • Navigating through Brexit, making the most of the opportunities created.
  • Building on the strength of the financial services industry and the traditional industries of farming, fishing and tourism.
  • Developing and expanding new, diversified sectors of our economy such as digital.
  • Effectively represent Jersey on the international stage by protecting our reputation in the EU and further afield.
  • Promoting investment and trade.
  • Implementing the recently published population policy with the co-operation of the local business community.

Improve the lives of Islanders by:

  • Improving the quality and supply of affordable housing.
  • Lifting standards of living and promoting family friendly legislation to support working families.
  • Supporting vulnerable children and adults, the elderly and people with mental ill-health.
  • Completing the reform of our children’s services and implementing the recommendations of the Care Inquiry report.
  • Refocusing the competition regulator on reducing the cost of living.
  • Eliminating discrimination in all its forms.
  • Giving legal recognition to carers.
  • Transforming health and social care through improved infrastructure and increased staffing levels.
  • Giving schools more autonomy.
  • Continued support for culture and the arts.
  • Encouraging active and sporting lifestyles enhancing community health and wellbeing.

Modernise government and the public sector:

  • Fighting to modernise government.
  • Delivering better, value-for-money public services.
  • Providing streamlined services designed to meet the needs of islanders.
  • Ensuring that we have sound finances to sustainably fund our public services.

My nine core commitments:

  1. Create an Affordable Housing Commission.
  2. Deliver support at a parish level for the elderly in our community.
  3. Create a new Digital Academy.
  4. Young people’s contract – creating opportunities for young people.
  5. University of Jersey.
  6. Keep Jersey farming.
  7. Green Jersey – promote environmental sustainability in energy, transport and infrastructure.
  8. Our economic future – good growth, good Brexit, good reputation.
  9. Focusing Government upon serving Islanders: one Government, balanced budgets.

Please vote Ian Gorst for Senator on May 16th