It has been a privilege to serve as a Deputy in St Saviour District No1 where I live and am part of the community.

My family has been in Jersey since the 1700s. I have a joint Social Sciences degree from Plymouth University.

I have been the Chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee (“PPC”), Vice-Chairman of the Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel and a member of the Chairman’s Committee. I am currently Chairman of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel and a member of the Planning Applications Panel.

Whilst chairing PPC I changed the Elections Law to allow for online voter registration which many of you requested and well as modernising the website, including the use of videos.

Planning Applications Panel
When reviewing applications I seriously consider the impact on the community and am strict in safeguarding our green zones. I believe that applications should be in keeping with the character of the area in accordance with the Island Plan. I strenuously opposed development of the Longueville Nursery site which remains a green zone.

The new Assembly will consider a new Island Plan and I have the experience of interpreting this and can advise members which polices do and do not work for Jersey.

I chaired the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel and as a result extra provision for children with severe autism was created.

I have always championed the issue of university funding for our students and during this term I secured £2M for this, which was insufficient however following 2 reviews from our Education Scrutiny Panel the Ministers were forced to address the issue and funding will now be available.

Road safety
I campaigned for crossings on Longueville Road. Funding has been set aside for this project for 2018.

Local Schools
I assist local schools with their citizenship program and attend their events regularly.

States Assembly
Representing my constituency is a great responsibility which is reflected in my 99% voting record.

States Funding
I am strongly opposed to GST and continue to fight against any increases.

I advocate lifting the Social Security ceiling on contributions as payments are not proportional, having a greater impact on low and middle income earners.

I support the digital integration of States facilities to create greater efficiencies and cost-saving across all States Departments.

I continue to campaign for a work permit system, bringing in only the skills we need. The Council of Ministers have partially accepted this in the new population policy but the pressure must continue to be applied.

Small businesses & diversification
I will continue to support small local businesses, through waiving fees paid to the States, developing Social Security assistance and tax incentives.

I support diversification, particularly Digital Jersey.

Affordable housing
We should reintroduce the States deposit loan scheme.

Encourage the further development of digital skills and establish a Technology College.

Develop programs to address mental health issues and awareness.

Planning and Environment
Encourage renewable energy installations by challenging the JEC’s tariff policy.