Declaration to stand for Constable of St Mary

Having lived in the parish for 34 years I am certain that I can improve how the parish officials work together as a team in a more cohesive manner in the best interests of both the parish and the parishioners. Just as importantly being available to the parishioners by establishing ease of access to me so that we can communicate together with ease to discuss their own personal concerns as well as keeping them up to date with what is happening both with the parish and the Island as a whole, I fully intend to make our parishioners voices heard in the States as I do not feel their concerns are currently given the consideration that they deserve.

We are so fortunate to have many institutions in the parish that support the community from the church to the community centre and the honorary system, they are the heart and soul of the parish, all of whom give freely of themselves without expectation of reward or recognition. These people are the backbone of St Mary and I fully intend to support all groups and aid them in any way I can.

I have served the parish as a Constable’s Officer, Centenier and as a roads inspector until I was elected as parish deputy in 2011, during which time I served on the States Employment Board as well as various scrutiny panels.

I stood for the position of Constable at the last election and was defeated by the narrowest of margins, undeterred I continued to be a devoted and passionate member of our community currently serving the parish as Church Warden and Treasurer of the Parish Church and have also made myself available to parishioners who have required assistance with various issues.

If I should have the privilege of being elected as Constable my first priority would be to put our beautiful parish first and foremost, supporting parishioners who have problems both on a personal level as well as with States departments.

In a broader context it is vital that immigration is continually monitored, vetted and adjusted to allow Jersey born people the ability to work for a realistic wage enabling them to afford their own homes, as I sincerely believe that this is the biggest concern to both the Island and Islanders at this current time