I have been and, if elected, will be committed to providing services to parishioners at the Parish Hall in as efficient and customer focussed way as possible whilst keeping the parish rate as low as possible. We currently have the lowest rate of any Parish.

I supported the recent changes to the governance of the public administration which establishes the new Chief Executive Officer as the Principle Accounting Officer. The new Chief Officer has a track record of streamlining public sector bodies. With this new structure, the right direction from a new council of ministers and the support of states members we should finally rid ourselves of the silo mentality that has existed in the public sector structure for too long. The outcome will be a more efficient and less costly service that will be citizen focused.

It is vital for our economy that we continue to monitor the progress of Brexit. We must properly resource the team that are tasked with this role and devote enough political input to negotiate the best deal possible with the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

The existing hospital is not fit for purpose and a new hospital is required as soon as possible. The use of an expanded existing site is the chosen site and we must get on with it. The aging population is a positive outcome but we must ensure health care and support for those in their retirement years is adequate.

I supported the recent proposition to support students in higher education. Students of any age must be given every encouragement to achieve their full potential. An all-round education is vital which includes sporting activity. Encouraging children and adults to enjoy sport has a positive outcome with regard to long term health. Jersey Sport, which I support, is an exciting development.

I consider myself an environmentalist and will support any practical solutions that improve our air and water quality and countryside. I was successful in bringing a proposition to further encourage the reduction of vehicle emissions. I believe that farmers are the best custodians of the country side and support their efforts that have resulted in nitrate levels falling to the lowest levels ever.

Immigration, housing and employment are all linked. It is unrealistic to have zero net population growth targets but the increase needs to be managed. A balance has to be struck between providing enough quality employees to support a growing economy and providing enough affordable housing. I am supportive of affordable to buy schemes such as the Trinity development but only sites that are less valuable to agriculture.

I will support the States of Jersey Police and any initiatives that continue to develop the good working relationship between them and the Honorary Police. Between the two we have probably the best community policing service in the world. The Parochial based community spirit is something that I whole heartedly support.

I will support any measures that promote fairness and equality.