I have enjoyed being a St Helier Deputy in this district for the last 18 years. As a mother and a grandmother, I have strong family values and a vested interest in the Island’s future. I know the difficulties faced by many living in an expensive place. I still want to work with the residents in a partnership to improve things where we can.

For the last 18 years as one of your Deputies I have worked closely with the Constable and Municipality on many common issues facing residents.

Working with the Constable to make St Helier a place people want to live, I have worked with NORTH OF TOWN and HAVRE DES PAS residents to stop large developments in these areas.

I am Vice Chair of the Public Accounts Committee. This committee looks at States spending; we have produced many reports, some of which still need to be acted upon:

  • Many of our recommendations have noted that there must be much more accountability and openness about how the Government SPENDS YOUR MONEY. I want to keep the pressure on for this to become a reality.
  • I took a proposition to the States to prevent the Council of Ministers taking away free Television Licence for the over 75s. I won this debate by one vote.
  • Another Proposition of mine gave under 16s with severe disabilities their “care component” back through Social Security. This debate lead to an overall strategy for people with a disability in Jersey.


  • I was one of only three members who voted against building the new hospital on the existing site. I know many people agree.
  • I support the recommendations of the Independent Care Inquiry for improved oversight and services for children.


The Island cannot sustain un-checked immigration the same as the last 10 years.

This puts pressure on:

Housing – affordability and availability

Schools – increasing numbers and expansion

Traffic – parking, traffic jams and pollution

Re-introduce a deposit scheme and look at the circa £30 million a year paid in rent rebate.

Can some of this money help families on to the housing ladder?


  • Programmes, like Blue Planet, have captured the attention of many, give more thought to what we use once and throw away.
  • Better enforcement and higher penalties for fly-tipping.
  • Housing should include solar panels and more investment in renewable energy.


  • I supported the new more inclusive funding proposals for Students to go to University.
  • Emphasis on vocational training, craft apprenticeships, meeting the need of building and construction.

Information Technology is fast moving. I want to see Industries who bring in highly skilled IT workers on contracts work with Education to see how some of these up to date technologies can be passed on to local students

I will keep fighting for all the above if you re-elect me on MAY 16th

I will remain contactable.

Work hard for you but make no fancy promises.

Bring an experienced pair of hands to the Assembly

Full manifesto http://jacquicarrel.co.uk/judy-martin/