Dear Voter

I am standing as a Reform Jersey candidate for Deputy in St.Helier districts 3 and 4. From a business background in the UK I came to Jersey more than 40 years ago to work in civil aviation. I now own and run a long-established Jersey-based software house.

I have served as chairman of the States Members Remuneration Review Body and as a member of the Jersey Appointments Commission. I am currently chairman of the Management Committee of the Jersey Sea Cadets and a member the Parish of St.Helier Roads Committee.

Reform Jersey knows that businesses create jobs, and its own businesslike approach to the work of its States members is well thought out, consultative (with its 400 members and others) and effective. Change is needed. Reform Jersey will ensure that such change is well suited to our Island.

My particular interests are:

The Parish of St.Helier answers to rate-payers at monthly parish assemblies, but it has less control over development than would a district council in the UK.

Its well-researched recommendations for the treatment of Parish roads can be over-ridden by the States planning department, and it has little say in the treatment of building development on States roads that run through St.Helier.

With the Constable and others, I aim to improve on this, but our most pressing requirement is to limit the disruption which will arise through the construction of the new hospital.

If Jersey is to retain its character we must aim for minimal population growth. About 1500 residents leave Jersey every year and we need to be specific about who should replace them under what conditions of residence. Having set those conditions we must apply them.

Minimum wage
From the mass of international academic literature in support of a reasonable minimum wage here is just one quotation. “There is a sense in which the functioning of the labour market represents an important social contract to which we are all signatories. Part of that contract says that if people work, and work hard, they should expect that their share of the final product will allow them to live a life of dignity.”

We need a layer between the demanding preconditions of full apprenticeship and the effective but short-term provisions of work experience. The Back to Work scheme and the Training and Enterprise Partnership show what can be done in specialist areas. We must offer vocational courses and in-work training properly suited to all who can benefit from them, and these should apply as much to 50-year-olds as to 20-year-olds

Long Term Care
The path from St.Saviours Hospital to long term care for my wife Felicity has been difficult. At one stage the timely intervention of a Reform Jersey States member was helpful. If elected I will be keen to provide similar support to others.

I should welcome your vote on May 16th

Yours sincerely

Julian Rogers M.A., M.B.A.